4x4 grow tent optimal par/ppfd

I have an anglex 2000 watt cob led light with a cheap 65$ 1000 watt for all stages. I’ve done 1 complete grow of a couple of different strains of autoflowers. What should i be looking for as far as ppfd/par for my space. I have a light meter that gives me lumens. My research say i should be paying more attention to par vs lumens. At 2ft from canopy im getting like at least 50k lumens at the weakest spots in the tent. My last batch i had the light like 18" or 1’ from canopy. Getting like 100k lumens at certains spots. I had 5 gal pots. This go round I’m using 3 gallon airpots so i can get more plants in the there. Was thinking of getting a 3000 watt cob. Would that be 2 much? Or maybe i should get a par light meter 1st to make sure par ppfd are on point? The numbers from the manufacturer say at 2ft i should be getting 1241 umols in a 4.5x4.5 space. Expert feedback needed. Thanx in advance😁

This picture is from 2 weeks ago after trimming 3 of them

My 1st complete grow. 3 different strains. 2 tangerine dream 2 gorrila glue 2 LCD. The LCD was the frostiest. As you can see.


For a 4x4 a radiometric flux of about 1200 umols per second is rocking pretty good.

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Thanx appreciate your input

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