4x4 grow room equipment, beginner, White Widow Auto and G13 Auto

@Graysin sounds like the Army lol


thanks. waiting is arguably the hardest part


time for the weekly update

group shot

the white widow is still stacking. it’s week 9 of flower. i think i’m going to give it two more weeks so i fed her with full strength jacks and a small dose of recharge.

i’m determined to bring this basil plant back to life. it’s coming along. i’m seeing greening in the stems and little leaf sites are reforming.

and then the gold leaf photo seedlings. they are a week above ground at this point. i’m going to start a separate journal shortly.

its been about two weeks since harvesting the purple white widow and the g13.

overall, the purple widow is decent. probably harvested too early but it wasn’t doing well anyway. got 20 grams of bud. it tastes great in the vaporizer and hits me much better than smoking too.

the g13 is still curing and much more potent. the taste is amazing too. fruity and citrus. i got just under two ounces from the plant. wishing i had run a full tent of it.

the tomato plants are loving the jacks runoff. and the cilantro is loving the jacks as well. i’m letting them bolt. it’s been a month and i have others outside. kinda wish i had another tent just for non cannabis plants.

happy growing!