4x4 grow room equipment, beginner, White Widow Auto and G13 Auto

and just as a reminder, these plants were started outside approx oct 1 as an experiment to see how long i could grow outside. I brought them in a few days before first frost, about a month ago

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looking good

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water day!

group shot! the cilantro loves this light btw.

G13 Week 6 flower. ilgm says 9-11. these buds are extremely dense. very fruity smelling.

White Widow week 4 flower. pistils turning pink.

White Widow week 5 flower. this one is going down hill. it was going well and then it seems to be bolting for the finish. these buds are extremely dense and small. maybe i did it with the bud snipping. the g13 responded well to it.

i measured the runoff for both white widows and ppm readings were 670 and 740 and both had PH of 7 on the dot. nothing jumping out at me. i’m actually surprised how similar the readings were. i think i just stressed the dark one when she was already stressing.

i’m also willing to chalk just about anything up to these stupid planters i used.

i have fabric pots, coco, and jacks already lined up for the next grow but i need to finish this one first and not get ahead of myself. i’d drop beans now since i have the space but i’m taking a week long trip before new years and i should just wait until we come back from that trip.

if there’s anything you think i’m missing on my darker white widow, please let me know.

happy growing!


i cleaned and swept out the tent. did a slight rearrange. oh and i repotted two of the white widows. i’ve heard transplanting during flower is akin to throwing the bong, but i’m just trying to preserve what’s left at this point.

cilantro loving life, and got some tomato seedlings going.


@JiggaMan1987 @Aussie_autos

i’ve been reading y’all’s journeys. here is my modest effort, and a classic example of what happens with poor drainage.

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It’s all good, still got a nice little harvest there I see. Keep tagging along, we’ll see how my GG4 turns out

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You still goin to have a nice harvest thou next time u will of learnt by ur mistakes like all of us have done from our mistakes


What @Aussie_autos said :+1::ok_hand::100:

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I’m finally home from work and was able to actually look at all ur pictures, that white widow that turned blue looks awesome honestly. U definitely have a nice little harvest there, I’d recommend getting some fabric pots, maybe 3 or 5 gallon for sure. Definitely want to be pH’ing that water too to 6.5 of u can, but between 6.3-6.8 will do. The GSC Extreme auto I just grew was my first run ever, I ended up with just over 3 ounces of really good bud, but honestly, I was hoping to get more out of the plant so all the tips from here I’ve gotten, mixed with what I’ve learned myself from this grow will allow me to grow even more, better bud. U did fine, that’s actually a really nice setup u have, I definitely think with time and more experience, like anything else, u will be growing some really good bud and lots of it also. I’ll be following along @alexankh


thanks @JiggaMan1987

word on the street is santa is bringing me fabric pots and coco. ill be sure to tag you in my next run. seeds will be dropping first or second week of january


how much longer do y’all think i have on this g13? no microscope yet so this is the best i can likely get.

my issue is that i’m taking a trip and i either harvest in the next few days, or after the first of the year. i was thinking i was safe until the the 2nd or 3rd when i get back but i feel like she’s telling me she’s ready.

i’m not looking for a racy high, i’d rather be skewing towards couch lock.


She’s probably ready but either way it sounds like you may be in a pickle. If you do harvest today, how you gonna dry and then cure? They look awesome! Hard decision ahead of you I’m sure. Good luck! :+1: :v: :sunglasses:

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thanks! i’m leaning towards chop and hang to dry while i’m gone. i have someone coming to check on my cat so i could ask them to check on the plant too


Honestly if you’re after couch lock, you can probably let her ride until you get back. I’d swap her to a water-only regiment (if she’s not already on one) and give her the axe when you return.


i let everything ride out for the week while i was gone. everything did fine, even my week old tomato seedlings.

the g13 and one of the white widows went into the cabinet which i keep ventilated and temp/humidity controlled. i’ll keep them in there for a week and see where they are at. they have already been without water for a week so i think they will be close to dry final trim.

other than that, my one white widow has crazy colors due to the week of neglect plus late flower ph imbalance. she looks quite nice in my opinion.

cleaned up the tent and started using some new plant saucers. much better than what i was using before.

i also started 5 ILGM Gold Leaf photo seeds in solo cups with coco, for the next run.

happy growing.

here’s a pic of the g13 i submitted for bud of the month. vote for me! i’m a first time submitter


let me get some of those deli pickles :yum:

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i have these buckets coming out of my ears sometimes it seems

lol, catch some good rain water with them.

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not a whole lot going on. i moved the harvested plants to dry inside. bad lighting on this pic but this hanger is pretty heavy for only a few buds.

my white widow has a few more weeks to go

oh and all 5 of the ILGM Gold Leaf Photo seeds popped, so i’m set up for next run. i’ll run 4 of them with a short veg time.

happy growing


Looking great in there. This is the hard part - hurry up and wait.

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