4x4 grow room equipment, beginner, White Widow Auto and G13 Auto

Also, it looks like it’s a home made pot you put her in… Make sure that there’s plenty of holes to promote good drainage and air pruning for the roots… :nerd_face:

Homemade pots are perfectly acceptable, but make sure to check those two points: can’t see through and good drainage! :+1:

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yup…growing in pretzel containers…

based on advice here i wrapped them. The drainage is good, or I’m assuming it is. I get runoff every time. I will look into getting some more holes in there just in case


Most people only put a few holes in the bottom… I also put some all around on the sides… kind of like homemade air pots… :nerd_face:

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They can get downright sad from under watering and bounce right back. :rofl: :v:


all the more reason to wait another couple days. Thanks!


hey folks, quick question. i ran out of cal mag but my jacks 321 arrived today. i’m still planning on using the bergman nutes for the rest of the grow, but is there anyway i can start using the jacks as cal mag supplement? has anyone ever done this?

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Hey @Covertgrower @CoyoteCody @Mark0427 @MattyBear would you happen to have any idea about this question?


Epsom salt will provide magnesium and part B calcium


thanks @HappyHydroGrower for tagging in some experts.

@AfgVet is there any reason why i shouldn’t just add it right to my nute mix? should i do it separately?


Definitely add part b last, and don’t forget part b also has nitrogen so maybe cut back on it elsewhere in the nutrients.


thanks Cody, exactly what I was looking for


Here’s some wwa and some gsce autos.
Uploading: 20211129_175522_HDR.jpg…
Uploading: 20211129_175355.jpg…
Uploading: 20211129_175306.jpg…
Uploading: 20211129_162158.jpg…
Uploading: 20211129_162028.jpg…
Y’all tell me what you think. If you need any kinda bro science hmu!!

let those pics load and I will tell you what I think

i let everything dry for a few days. i had green algae in my pot. another reason to never again use clear pots. every bit of clearness has been wrapped in duct tape. we will see what happens.

the algae turned brown, so hopefully i killed it all off. but it’s possible i’ll be dealing with this for the rest of the grow. google tells me it’s not unsafe and it’s really just another plant down in the soil competing for nutrients. so this could also be why my plant was looking so droopy. because algae is/was eating my feed. anyway, a good lesson learned.

the plant (yellow, front left) is far enough along that i should still get a harvest.

in other news, everything got a good feeding. based on the advice above i am incorporating jacks b plus epsom salt to make up for my lack of cal mag.

this G13 (back right, and close up) is looking very nice. it smells fruity and citrusy and the buds are really starting to thicken up. this is week 4 of flower for her. everything else is week 2 or 3. the runt is fox tailing. just going to let it be and probably make some wax with it.

I’m also 2 days into a tolerance break. i’m feeling good but still jonesing a little bit. i was telling myself no more buying off the street now that i’m growing but gosh i don’t know if i can wait 6 weeks


feed day. don’t mind the dirty tent.

the G13 (back right) continues to ripen and stack on buds. the lower levels are starting to fill out too. if this cola keeps pace, it should be my biggest cola so far.

the white widow that was green algae affected (yellow) appears to have recovered. it’s really
showing sativa and those crowns are just bursting with white pistils.

these two were trained and are much better producing than the others. although i messed up the fim on them all early on.

the pink white widows is showing blue (lots of colors in that sentence).

runt is still doing it’s thang. pretty disappointing.

oh and some cilantro.


Get a decent led light. Incandescent lights aren’t good for growing and put off more heat than light.

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solid advice. welcome to the community @Demonrage75

A decent grow light would help. Incandescent lights put off more heat than light and the light isn’t great for growing, especially with that many plants. Next time just pop a couple of seeds at a time. If you want more just pop more seeds until you get the number you want. Just on my second run but I learned a lot from my first run, as you probably will also.

Thanks. I got pressured into this hobby by a family member. I’m glad they did!! I’ve spent a lot of dough getting equipment though. The lights, fans, and everything else add up quickly when you’re on a fixed income. I love watching my girls grow day by day. Everyone seems great so far.


this is both the exciting part and the boring part. not much is happening. water, feed, water, feed, as they slowly climb that mountain and thicken up.

two of the autos have responded well to being pushed with stronger than suggested doses of ILGM. the other two clearly have some nitrogen excess. the runt is starting to come along, i guess.

i did some bud-snipping on the g13 and the mature widow. i saw hellraiser do it, we will see what happens.

white widow responding well to nutrients

g13, snipped, responding well to nutrients.

runt, maybe she’ll come around. she’s getting just water for a few weeks.

white widow cola, turning blue, snipped.