4x4 grow room equipment, beginner, White Widow Auto and G13 Auto

I got the app. Do i need to buy the 5.99 add on for full spectrum LED?

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I think most use “sun” setting which is free…unless something has changed.


@MaD-VapoR got you covered. I use sun and you need to use diffuse. The app will show you how to do that


Following along. Good luck on your grow

I agree with @kaptain3d need to spray paint those clear containers.


Set to watch thanks for the tag :ok_hand:


Thanks for the tag looks great

temp 74f, relative humidity 55%






I’m an early riser. There’s just something about being up before everyone else…plus a coffee and a toke, that makes for a splendid morning. So Cheers.

There is a reason I got up early too, to make sure my new 220V timer is working, which it is. These pictures were taken right when the light turned on, so the big gal looks a little droopy.

Tomorrow will be a week that these plants are in the tent under the new light, and I am very impressed with how they responded. I am continuing to go hard on the nutrients too as I really want to see what these plants are capable of.

I also just got some Fishi!t which I will be adding to my water/feed routine.

The clear planter sides will be finally be covered this weekend.I’m just going to tape some foam sheeting around it.

Please comment if you see anything creeping up on me. I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on until the ladies tell me something is wrong. I’m watering+feed about every 4-5 days.

Also, I bought one of those black clip on fans and it keeps falling down on me. The tent sides keep on popping it off the pole due to the negative vent. I’m thinking about hanging it above the light to circulate the air up there. Not really sure what to do about it.

Have a great day everyone!


A zip-tie or ask @CoyoteCody - he 3D prints all kinds of clips and whatnots for tents. I still need to hit him up for a few myself.


I’m printing a few brackets just for that right now. I’ll get some pics in a little bit.


here’s the backside of my tent. i’m pretty proud of my makeshift support for the fan. i will build another support for the carbon filter if/when i decide to use it.

with no bends or duct I’m operating at peak efficiency.

in the near future i plan on upgrading that fan to an ac infinity t/s 8 and i’ll move this 6” fan as an inlet. i will need more air exchange as i am increasing light and nutes.



I increased my light to 850 PPFD at canopy, which is giving me a DLI of right about 60 running 20 hours on and 4 off. This might be too much so I will monitor and scale back if needed.

Temp 72, RH 52%. Good in the VPD arena. I still need to get an infrared thermometer to measure leaf temp to really dial in VPD, but I should be good.

Plants are looking good. I gave them some RO water yesterday and measured run off which came out high, like 9 PH. then I checked my RO water and its 9. So my soil ph is probably a little high. i will work to bring that down by using rain water instead.

Looking a the G13 (back right, and second pic), it looks a little green, perhaps showing the high PH.

The tall white widow in front is stretching, really responding to the increased light intensity and duration.

G13 - this is Wk 2 of flower
WW medium - calling this week 1 flower as of monday
WW tall - pre flower
WW short - pre flower

And yes i still need to wrap my clear buckets…

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It will probably be too much. I’d be aiming for 45-50 (50 max). Mostly it will make the plants hungrier and thirstier without them being able to make the full use of what you’re giving them. Poor @ReelOfishalTrees was actually just dealing with the problems that way excessive DLI can cause. IMO you can trim it back by doing a 19/5 or an 18/6 unless you need the lights on for heat generation.

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Oh, yeah you can’t reliably PH any RO water or any water with less than 100ish PPMs. RO water will take on the ph of whatever it goes into. If you want to be able to PH it before watering, I’d add CalMag up to 100-150ppms and then ph up/down as needed.

I’d be curious to know if your PPMs in your runoff were also around or below 100ppms.

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ok i’ll drop the DLI a bit.

my runoff numbers were about 1500 ppm which is about right. i had given the plants a strong batch of feed plus recharge that had a ppm of 2500 a few days prior

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temp 72f // rh 61%. still in good range.

I’ve been away from my plants for a few days and they did fine without me. this looks like pretty good
growth to me. and they are all now fully in flower by my eyes.

before i left i dropped my light intensity to 750 ppfd (54 DLI). as the plants stretch up i will raise up the light higher in the tent.

i also am noticing they are drinking/eating quicker. they are now getting more volume per feed.

still feeding cal mag, ILGM yellow and red stage 3 nutes, recharge, and fishsh!t, mixed in rain water.

i also gave them a quick defol before feeding.

G13 (back right). Week 8 total. Week 3 flower.
WW (pink). week 7 total. week 2 flower.
WW (yellow and white). week 7 total, week 1 flower.


can someone please help diagnose what may be wrong here. she just seems droopy. and she’s always seemed droopier than the other white widows. she’s also bigger and everyone is getting the same drink right now. i don’t think i’m overwatering because then the rest would be droopy as well. could she just be hungrier than the rest? soil isn’t quite dry yet as today is not a feeding day.

she looks healthy otherwise. thinner leaves could be her reacting to the new light, or just her pheno.

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Personally, I would skip a watering session and see how she responds. That way you’ll be sure it’s not an overwatering issue. You would be surprised at how much you can let them dry and still not kill them… :nerd_face:


thanks kap. will do!

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