4x4 grow room equipment, beginner, White Widow Auto and G13 Auto

4x4 Grow room equipment

Tent - AC Infinity 4’x4’x80” cloud lab 844 - $139
Light - ChilLED Glowcraft X6 600W - $1,000
Fan - AC infinity Cloudline T6 - $149
Filter - AC Infinity Charcoal Filter - $65
PH Meter - Apera AI209 - $50
TDS/PPM - Hone forest Digital TDS meter - $15

I have 3/5/9/18 gallon pots for soil based grows. Eventually I would like to be 100% organic.

I want to be able to grow 4 plants (VA’s limit) in my tent. I plan on using 5 gallon pots for autos, and 9 gallon pots for photos. I realize I could get by with a 2x4, but I want space to work in the tent, and I want my plants to have the freedom to get big and bushy. And if I can fit another 1-2 in the tent as well, then whoopee!

I will be growing in my garage, and I live in southeast Virginia where it can get hot. Luckily, my garage stays below 80 as long as the garage door is not left open, which is not a problem. Humidity on the other hand, will be a problem but I have a solution for that.

I am still concerned about heat generated inside the tent, hence the LED light, and this one seems to be top of the line with regard to quality, heat dissipation, light efficiency, and electrical efficiency. I have a window A/C unit and a DH unit ready to treat the air inside of the garage. I also will route an exhaust vent into my attic right above the tent, and my attic exhausts to the outside via fan.

Do I have the correct light for what I want to do? Is the X6 too much light for this tent? Is it enough? I am OK spending 1k on this light if it gives me top of the line buds, but I am also super concerned about heat. 2nd most important to me is energy efficiency. I would rather pay upfront for a more efficient model, even if I don’t recoup that cost financially. Mother Earth will.

My household goes through 1-2 oz per month, $200-400. I would love some surplus as well, to give to friends and family.

Am I on the right track?

Thank you, wonderful community.


I should also note, I have small fans for inside the tent as well.


That looks like it will be one excellent setup the light is great top of the line :+1:
@dbrn32 can probably give you more advice on the light though


Looks like you’re off to a good start!


@JJ520 Thanks JJ!

@dbrn32 Hello, I heard you may be able to assist. Thanks!


All top of the line stuff you are starting off the right way can’t wait to see how you do

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Looks like the x6 does a great job in a 4x4. I really like the bar style, it helps spread the light throughout the grow area, should also help with heat. Man led tech is just amazing right now.

Nice setup, good luck :+1:


Your equipment listed looks really good. There will still be some odds and ends you’ll probably need down the road, but you have major stuff covered.

Keep in mind that your tent with light on will run little warmer than ambient temp too.


Glowcraft x6 light is ordered. And I am having an electrician come out to put a dedicated 240v circuit in my garage. This light pulls half the amps on a 240v outlet plus I like the idea of the grow tent having its own circuit on my panel.


You want 30-50w per sqf so you’re on the right track. You also have a really good setup

Good luck!

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Man, a dedicated 240 sounds so nice. Right now I’m running on extension cords and 120 is my max - I don’t think I’m pulling anywhere near 240 with my set up (I’m also in a 4x4) but extra room to grow (pun intended) would be perfect.

I set up with a 6” exhaust - I had been thinking it was a waste of energy to get an intake fan too, but I’ve hit powdery mildew, thrips, spider mites, and aphids just from opening the bedroom window to allow fresh outdoor air into the room (and through the mesh vent at the bottom of my tent) - thinking now I’m getting a matching 6” intake with a carbon filter to help with the possible contaminants I’m sucking in from outside.

All of my power is set up on solar with city power as back-up, so I can say it’s as sustainably grown as is reasonable for the desert.

I dunno if that tangent is even remotely helpful, but think about airflow and complete air exchange even if the rest of the elements of the grow look like they’re on point.


thank you. it is super helpful. i have been thinking about what to do for an inlet.

and that’s awesome you’re on solar! sustainable for sure. don’t tell me you do organic as well?


@alexankh Not organic, except by happenstance (I.e. Fox Farms Big bloom) - I don’t know how well organic methods work with hydroponics. I actually have sort of curbed my use of Big Bloom while I get a handle on my hydro in general because it discolors the water and I can’t see visually if I have algae or ickies growing. But if I were in soil, I think it would be super attainable, most of the nutrients cannabis needs are bioavailable from all the same things most vegetables are gonna use, although maybe in different ratios.

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Needs some fans in the tent your temp will prob be around 5 to ten degrees warmer in your tent then the air outside 4 plants in a four by four is a bit much I’d say three only cause my plants get pretty big and sometimes I only have room for two it’s all up to your low stress training and the seeds genetics I have an ac unite in the room and a dehumidifier to get temps down for harvest and through veg state

Too snug in my opinion creates more problems


U can section off a 8x8 area in garage with building 2 walls and just cool the room and have the tent in that room. Vent into the main garage and get cool fresh air from in the 8x8 area


Sorry to reply to you outta nowhere but You seem to be very knowledgeable. Im a first time grower and decided to just get a bunch of seeds and try my luck out… welll I got 32 of my 48 seeds coming out the dirt. Im working in a maybe 6x6 closet. I’ve read a little up on growing just solely in solo cups but was wondering if I could get any help. From anyone really that could help cause I want to see these babies through lol. Tbh I have nothing but 3 regular household bulbs and a oscillating fan inside but didn’t believe I’d have this many actually work. This is where they are now, it’s about Day 4 in dirt under light for 18/6.

any tips on equipment or ideas about moving into bigger area would really be appreciated.


LOL going from 0 experience to 32 plants…damn. Good luck


Didn’t think they all would germinate lol I got options though for room I’m just looking for grow tips. I’m steady learning more each day but some things you know it’s best to learn from folks that are doing it.

What specifically can I help with?

Imo, you are going to be better off potting up a little later in grow. Its possible to grow in a solo cup, but most that are successful aren’t beginners. Moving up to a 1-2 gallon fabric pot for flowering would make your life a lot easier. You’ll want more light too, but best to have your plan well though out before buying anything. 36 ft² is gonna need a lot of light to produce good results, will definitely put a dent in your checking account. Hid lighting is most affordable, but may require some additional measures to keep temps solid. A quality led light is little easier to manage temps, but considerably more expensive.


well it took a while but i finally got everything put together after getting the electrical job at my house including a 220 circuit for my light. i have two outside grows under my belt and am beginning my indoor journey.

i got one g13 and 3 white widows. all autos. started outside and seeing what the new light can do.

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