4x4 (1.2x 1.2 x 2m) Tent pictures wanted, and suggestions please

I have a full functioning 4x4 tent running 4x O.G Kush 4 weeks in to flower. Unfortunately when I started this grow my local hydro shop had no suitable products (the shop was all but bare, couldn’t even supply a simple 4 pot system.) so I am hand watering in Coco in 5 gallon pots daily. It’s working but this is grow no2, I want no3 to be more efficient.
I am currently waiting on a multi flavor pack of seeds and want to grow 2 flavors at a time.
I plan on attempting SCROGing for the 2nd time. Also I do have a tight time frame so I was thinking 4 pot for quick vege, but I may be wrong, that’s why I take you guys suggestions on board.
Would you go 2 pot or 4 pot system??
Please post pics of 2 or 4 pot set ups and speak your opinion, just don’t slam others opinions, as so far it’s 50/50!!
P.S I want to keep the whole unit in the tent. I have a bench for the pots to sit above reservoir.
Blessings all.
Jay Man