4x2x5 tent Scrogging

Getting ready for a new grow. Just wondering how many plants 🪴 to grow in a 4x2x5 tent under the scrog method? Got my solar system installed :sunglasses: on the house last week. I have only used my 4x2 for veg stage and moved them to the 4x4 tent :tent: for flower. Do I want to run the scrog net at 20 inches above the pots ? Looking for some advice and guidance. Thanks.

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2 photos or 4 autos if your going full cycle double that if you plan on moving them, 20 inches above soil line is pretty safe, especially for photos, autos I’d recommend closer to 15 ( but then again I’d recommend just tying down autos since they rarely grow the same way and time schedule even if it’s the same strain)


@GreenSnek thanks for the advice. How about topping? Do you top yours ? If so when do u top it? About 10 inches of plant growth? Using feminize seeds. Normally I top it in between 5-6 node


Set to watching this - I’m about to jump into a scrog this fall.