4weeks into flowering

@New.growth I don’t think I even heard or saw that model before , but clearly it putting on the bud weight no doubt .
You growing autos right ? I have 2 out of 3 coming up now , maybe in the next 24 hrs they may be up completely , but I don’t see how you say my light setup is better by no means , I think you have me out power by square footage easily but I have no clue on how to measure are determine that, I’m not that smart yet , I have to learn that part . Lmao !

@yoshi wattage Wise you’re out shinning me I’m only pushing 230w during flowering and 150w during veg but my tent plays a huge role in my grow you have to equate your lights with your tent size therefore the reflections is not bouncing everywhere but where it needs to be

@yoshi this what I run MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: PB Series PB1500

It could be height differences due to different types and I have not find the right height for optimum plant canopy pentration due to LED and CMH , right now I have the XTE at 28 inches cause if I lower it the leaves start looking like saw blades immediately but 28 they good , the CMH is at 30 inches and the HLG is over the autos trying to get them up and going so they can follow right behind the 3 photos that’s in flower . If I was smart and new how to measure that in the right ranges I might could do better , but I’ll keep trying until I can find that sweet spot until I get me a new light unit but for now we just gone keep ghetto growing as much as we can get until progress arrives !

@yoshi What size tent do you have

She’s definitely :cold_face: :cold_face: up now since I added more red

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Give her the full blast she wants it by the way , she is putting on big time for an auto I must say .

@yoshi most definitely it’s how I do it during flowering

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Tomorrow I get my Wireless Digital Microscope so I can get a better look at how long it’s going to take

I’m thinking of harvesting soon so I’m going to flush then go from there she’s exactly where I want her to be

And she’s hanging up @ConcreteBudz @PurpNGold74 @Brobdab @MidwestGuy @yoshi @Scrumm_21


Looks like some nice nuggets!

@ConcreteBudz most definitely man dense and super sticky

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Bro, that’s nice. After the cure let’s get a smoke report.

Being honest, I can never wait that long. 5 days after being in the jar and I’m smoking it :dash: :fire:

@Brobdab haha I was like that with my Sour D but this time I wanna do it right