4th week since flip watering question

Hi everyone, thanks in advance. I am 22 days since goin 12/12 and have been easing the ladies onto nutes again after a post-veg flush where the PPM got pretty high. I’m using the FF trio in Ocean Forest with a HF top dressing. I gave the MK Ultra 1/4 nutes last feeding (Mon) with 2 gallons of water. In was 6.7ph and out was 6.1. The PPM in was 512 and out was 793. That’s the first time under 1,000, which has been why I stayed with 1/4 strength until now.

My question is, should I still follow the schedule and alternate water tomorrow or should I get that PPM up?



Of course, any other suggestions welcome too :joy:

Nice healthy looking girl your growing, nice work. I would keep her on her schedule and up her feed to 1/2 strength when she’s due. :v::green_heart:


Im a more is better kinda guy. Don’t listen to me…
girls lookin good !


What are you growing. How many what size pots.

For this point in flower you do want to have a higher salt concentration in your medium. I would be mixing to around 1,100 ppm for where you are and have lights at highest intensity of the grow. Keep monitoring the runoff and when it exceeds 1,800 ppm, water only until it drops back down. In depleted FFOF it adds a pretty good buffer which allows for somewhat higher numbers.

I would also be adding silica to help trichome development. (if you aren’t already)


Thanks - I wasn’t using silica, I’ll get some tomorrow and keep you posted!


There are three plants, MK ultra, Blue Dream and GG from ILGM (l to r). This is my first try so I grew them too tall and am running out of space b/c of the MK. I super cropped some, which helped, but she got in front of me. 5 gal cloth pots. It’s hard not to just gaze…. and nit pick…. Hahaha

Thanks folks!!

I am a gazer and find waiting for lights to turn on is pure torture.

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Looks great. I do have to wonder if the top dress with HF is necessary since it’s geared towards living soil, and the FF trio is not organic, so it’s killing the microbes in the soil. Not the worse thing in the world, but might mitigate the use of the top dress HF. Just a thought, I’m not a pro, but I went organics this run for the first time, and been doing some reading.

Thanks @Dexterado. I’m trying to wrap my head around the lights, ph, ppm, humidity, temp, trimming, nutes, controllers, photone, ants…. It’s a lot…of fun…hahaha. I have some more reading to do!!

I got the Rhino skin silica, which says to mix 2ml per quart. How would you all incorporate that; would you add it to the FF trio and feed all that every other time or add it to the water only in between? Or does it really matter? Thanks all!

FFOS 4-6 weeks of seedling hosting grow.
Would you advise adding silica?
Any recommendations?

If in soil you don’t need silica until you start to supplement.

Silica can be used on water only days or added to your mix. Just always add first.

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@Myfriendis410 I just started flip and feeding at 1/4 dose.
RO looking better for PH. PPMs high.
Fed Input 6.5 and 1000PPM feed.
Water only for next couple of days/weeks.
Android PPFD ap, PPFD 750 & DLI 55-60
FFOS, supplemented with peatmoss and mycorrhiza.
Transitioned from bottled water at discount machine to city water, diffused longer than 3 days.
All liquid measured for PH and PPM before applying.
Ventilation design improving with more $ (extra $ Justified by system multiple improvements).
Not a paid advertisement, but the functions offered with the ACINFINITY CLOUDLINE system, brings the grow into this century. Lighting will be Christmas from Santa. Did some top feeding and RO numbers seem to be high? Found top 2 inches FFOF rather compacted, stirred to 2’"soil and top added., which should account for higher than desired.