4th week flower under LED

Hi, i have 4 plants under LED at the moment but have to make my tent disappear.

I have 4 plants somewhere else under 4 x 600 w hps lights . Can I just pick the pots up and take them to put under the hps without any dramas ?

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You should be ok moving them just be careful not to set the lights to close right away the different lighting could burn them. Start with em kinda high and drop them down every other day until they are where you want them to be, watching them for any crying :sob:


Try not to change too much at once. If both grows are on the same time schedule that would be great and you will be ok.

If they are on different light schedules they will need to adjust which will stress them a bit. If you go from vegging under LED immediately to 12/12 schedule under HPS that can stress them more. Worse yet is to change to flowering nutrients at the same time.

How do I know? Experience….

Thanks for the replys. Yea same schedule. 3 weeks apart. So hopefully it should be ok

Are they in flower ? How many day do you need to hide them for ? Temps out of the tent ?