4th grow with Robert's seeds ✌


After 3 successful grows under my belt with a lot of advice from this great forum, I finally got permission from my boss (wife) to buy great quality seeds. I went with my fav Sour Diesel, Chronic Widow and Green Crack, cause if Snoop swears by it, it must be good. Got my seeds in 10 days after order was placed, germinated one of each, all 3 cracked open and were placed into cups to start off in.


Can’t wait to watch how everything goes for you do you have any questions please feel free to ask I will definitely be following to watch how everything goes for you might learn something new please keep your journal going would love to see your girl from start to finish


@Spooky81 good deal, sounds like a plan! I’m with @Hogmaster and his comments echo my feelings exactl!


Congrats on getting the bosses blessing my boss has been pretty good about my new hobby also . I even got a new years bonus in the mail today my extra tent is here and I can get a little more serious about my yields…


@Spooky81 How do you get your seeds registered or unregistered because I did unregistered and still waiting 28 days later


I did unregistered, took 10 days once I received notice that it was shipped. But I was told and prepared to wait the 25 business days it can take. If it takes longer you can inquire with costumer service.


I was actually shocked that usually takes 25 to 35 days for me this time 10 days and they were what I got from BOM


Hahahaha I had to get permission from the boss as well before I ordered mine
I will be watching along with the rest of the peeps
Happy growing @Spooky81


I love Sour Diesel! Mine had a self topping mutation, but is coming back now. Strangest thing I ever saw from a plant.

Good luck with this. I’ll be tracking your progress…


Checked on them this morning and all 3 have popped out of the ground. No doubt due to good genetics.


I figure it’s time for an update, just finished 7 weeks of veg and 2 weeks at seedling. Will be changing the lights to 12/12. All 3 plants are from ILGM seeds, top left is Sour Diesel that was topped once. Top right is Green Crack that was topped once. Bottom is Chronic Widow that was topped 3 times, tried to get it to spread out, but it wants to remain a bush.


4 weeks into flower


Week 5 flower


Looks great!


Week 6 flower
Green Crack

Sour Diesel

Chronic Widow


VERY NICE @Spooky81!!! Keep up the good work! My Bubblegum (fem) is in her 3rd week of flower and you can tell, just like yours, that she comes from some great genetics! :relaxed:


Definitely good genetics, I already germinated 3 more chronic widow. Plan on doing a even SCROG with them, going to aim for a massive yield to stock pile. I smoked and ate my first 3 bag seed grows.


I lost 2 of 3 seedlings to those damn fungus nats. Couldn’t keep a close eye on them like I normally do since most of my time is now spent with my 3 month old daughter. Going to be making the switch over to hydro very soon, any advice on nutrients. I use FF for soil, should i stick with them?


Getting ready for my leap into DWC, waiting for my commercial air pump from Amazon.


I’m really loving how the Green Crack is going, starting to fatten up in the late weeks.

Edit: noticed a few amber, thinking 1 1/2 weeks then flush