4th grow,loving these nutrients. Advanced Nutrients

4 different ingredients. Never ph…
Easy peasy and beautiful girls


Is this some sort of promo for AN lol?

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No but damn I was checking ph and ppm every time I watered. Saves so much time and they are gorgeous.

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Yes they are! You make a good case for AN. Nice work! :+1:

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Hey man what line of an are you using? What is the ph of the water you add the nutes to? I’m using the seni grow and bloom a and b with buffers but i do ph my feed to 5.8…just wondering if i should be phing the water first then add the nutes and let them buffer, i donno lol…im too scared to just not ph…what is your grow medium ?

Under more natural light, getting sticky
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Tap water. Sits 24 hours add a and b and used big bud and bud candy. Mix batches as needed. 2 l daily each at this stage. Never ph. I was spending way too much time phing and checking ppm. I will check ppm when getting ready to harvest to insure chemicals are out. Easiest and best grow ever.

You growing in coco. Im in sunshine mix 4 and they drinking less now in flower. Not sure if bad thing but i really soak em every feed 1.5 gal every five days now. I wonder if i should do less more often.?


@hippy4life…so how did it turn out? I’d love to see finished product with the AN line!

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Check out my buddies grows, on youtube 2x2 grow tent grower. he uses advanced nutes and gets amazing results. Hes got a few different tents.

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