4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


Problems solved?
I brought up my basements dehumidifier. It’s raining out and it was able to drop the humidity to 60. As weather improves I think 40 is achievable. That humidifier was in my basement for a reason, I will need to figure out a longer term solution when the budget is available.

I added a higher power tall oscillating fan. There are now three fans in there and much more air flowing under and over the scrog.

I transplanted two of the GLs to 10 gallon fabric pots with roots organics soil in 5.8ph water.

I added a fixture in the bathroom and hung the 1500 Blurple. Using the catch basin and some egg crates, I moved the GLs in with the MWs.

I defloliated the GLs yeaterday. They seem a bit stressed and I transplanted two today. We will see tomorrow how they look.


@Sixpackdad. Damn bro. Good to hear you got things on the upswing. You’ve got quite the forest going on in there.
:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:. :grin::+1:


Sweet! Also glad to hear things are working out. The girls look great!


@Budbrother thanks for the tip on the dandelion concept. Here are the gold leafs that will be two weeks on 12/12 tomorrow. I would say they are starting to exhibit it, but don’t quite have that light yellow in the middle shining through.

@GreenCoat not sure if you have the dandelion concept in that encyclopedia you started, but it’s a good concept to spread

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You’re still in transition. You’ll open the tent one day here soon and be like damn, yup I’m there finally.


I can’t find what you’re talking about…?


The problems were not solved with the white powdery mildew.

The humidifier from my basement wasn’t working, it removed maybe a quart over the day. It’s a 50 pint machine. I have borrowed one from a fellow grower who is dormant at the moment in order to confirm, and his has been on for two hours and was a quarter full already. So that is a start…

The WPM had progressed significantly. The fans I had installed were not cutting through the dense foliage and probably just blowing spores all over the place. So I took drastic action and defoliated the @#$& out of the SCROG. Every leaf with WPM was removed, and then some. I broke the 30% rule. I have a tall kitchen trash bag full of fan leaves. I can now see the individual buds and there should be decent air flow through now. I probably should have done this a few weeks ago. I have read that some scroggers do one last defoliation at 6 week of flowering, which is about where I am at. Hopefully this doesn’t stress the plants to hermie, but I think it had to be done given where the WPM infestation was at. While defoliating I kept spraying my gloves, shirt, and scissors with a 3% peroxide/water solution (1:9) so hopefully while swimming through my scrog I wasn’t spreading spores all over the place. When I was all done, I heavily misted peroxide under neath the scrog and did a light misting on top. At lights out I am going to really spray the leaves and buds thoroughly with the solution.

The GLs are in there with them, so I gave them alight misting of peroxide solution and will spray them again tonight at lights out.

I bleached the @#$& out of the floors, walls, etc. Now I wilI try to relax, smoke a bowl, and cross my fingers. Pics and update later.


Don’t wanna clutter up Matt’s thread up. @GreenCoat has the info you were asking about. He is adding that to his topic. I could only clearly see 3 for sure, two that were and one wasn’t.


It was actually @Sixpackdad that suggested I add your dandelion concept to my thread.

I’ve run out it edits so I need to add more information to the thread in 3 hours



@abouttime I saw on the other topic you were looking at lights.

I have 2 288v2 boards and they don’t put off much heat. I just put another 280w blurple in there and it raised the temp into the 80s. With just the 288s it was low 70s. So there is certainly a temp difference.

I just got a QB304 4K on sale at HLG for 47 for a 2x2 veg tent. With the heat sink and shipping, it was 70. @dbrn32 sized me up a driver, which is in the mail from Jameco electric, a hlg-120h-c1050, which was 50 including shipping.


Thanks for the info @sixpackdad, Im with an electrician at work and Im going to go over the pros and cons with him too. So you have QB’s on your grow?


This is my first QB flowering. I replaced a 400w hps.

Your contact info is on your reply @abouttime


oh shoot! oh well. I answered thru the email instead of going to the site… I removed it.Thanks for the heads up.


@Sixpackdad, dude theyre doing great! did you up the nutes?


I have held off watering the past few days to try to mitigate the gnats. I think today I will up the nutes and also start the two week Boost regimen. I am thinking I have about four weeks left. They look OK after yesterdays defoliation and peroxide wash. I’ll need to get in there and inspect them more closely when I water.


Ive been having a few gnats here and there after watering but ive been using the wet vac after watering and sucking up all the runoff after testing and then I spray Bergmans pest control on the walls of the tent and the top of the soil and then sprinkle cinnamon on top of the soil and seems to work all right. I havent had any in a few weeks since starting that regimen. I also hung a few strips of duct tape from the light and around the edges of the lights with about 3/4 of the tape exposed and that works too. Its a little gnat cemetery. The lights keep it sticky too. The peroxide seems a bit extreme to me…thought that was for mold at harvest?


@abouttime I’ve used hyrdrogen peroxide for a bunch of things. In my last grow, I used it against aphids and mites. This time around I am using it on white powdery mildew and gnats. The plants do not seem worse for the wear for it. From what I have read, it is effective in early detection. Stronger things are needed if the problem overtakes the grow.


I think I’m gonna bake off my soil before I start this next grow. I can’t believe I already got the wife on board to use the oven (lol), but I think I’m going to do it in the Barbecue. Seems avoiding these problems from the start is better than having to treat them after. Your girls are flowering so I guess this just dries off or is this for plants in veg?


The dandelion