4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


@Sixpackdad I’m a week behind you flipping. Mine aren’t anywhere near being ready. The autos are looking awesome, but the MW is much slower. I’m guessing early to mid-February?


Looks effin great… Your a week or two behind me but your trichomes look much better than mine right now. Great scrog dude!


I’ve been slacking on watering and trying to get back in the swing of things having been away for a week and out of routine.

The big gals hadn’t been watered in five days and the coco was really dry. The plants looked fine, regardless, and after significant water at 5.8pH and 1/3 nutes, they had a runoff of 6pH and 900 ppm. I did some minor defoliation and significant tucking tonight along with the water. There are significant bud sites not getting much underneath the canopy, but I am hesitant to go to town on the fan leaves and defoliate so all buds are getting light. Even with the tucking, there’s a world underneath the canopy but over the screen. I’d be interested if anyone has any thoughts on strategy here.

The GLs are about to explode. It is day 1 of the 12/12 and the stretch is about to begin. This is a four foot tent, so I got to think about how to handle this. I am thinking of some sort of 2x2 temp scrog net to suppress the growth a bit and spread out the canopy.

The MW clones look good after their first watering the other day.

Sadly, I have decided to cull this one. She was a MW clone that went in with the older GLs and I think she suffered from overwatering. The GLs need the room and she doesn’t look like shes in a position to take off. I’ll eat her for dinner instead.


Hey @sixpackdad, I think the way you’ve cleaned up the underside you don’t have any worries there The girls popping up right now look great. Only a 4 foot tall tent seems like there’s not alot of room for hanging lights. I have barely 12"-15" between my bed and the lights in my new larger 2x4x72 tent! Are you running QB’s? But yours are autos right? Mine are all photos on my grow. I realize now that when I topped I should’ve went lower to the 3-4 node and I probably topped it at 5-6 and had the lights too far up so they grew tall in veg. Im watching and learning tho my man! following :sunglasses:


Only the Maui Wowies in the shower have the 288V2 QB on them. The Gold Leafs in the tent are under a 1500Wchip/600Weq LED (280 wall draw). I only have about a foot before they run out of room. I see an upgrade in my future…

All my girls are photos at the moment. I had autos for my first two grows.


The MW look healthy, Do you notice a difference between the lights in the grows?, I started with a 4 light cob but went to a HIGROW 2000 LED… my wife is wondering where ya shower? LOL!! Ya kno that never crossed my mind to ask!


I haven’t detected much of a difference yet. In my past grows, I used HPS/MH lamps, so this is my first LED grow.

We still have one shower/tub left thats fully operational :smile: Eventually, when the kids get older, we are going to need both.


Yes sir I hear that. Be careful with dirt in that drain…usually its just a 2’ pipe and the dirt siting around in the nooks and crannys can do some damage to house pipes…got the tents and the shop vac here…everyting is beautiful mon! The electric bill has to be better with the QB/LED!?

Light Opinion Please

@dbrn32 HLG has 4k QB304 on sale with a heat sink for $60 so I picked one up for my 2x2 veg tent. What would be your driver recommendation? Thanks! 6pd


Hmm, I’d have to go look at what’s available for smaller high voltage drivers. You need dimming?


I don’t think so. I would be using this for fairly established plants for about 4 week of veg.


If you want the most out of the board you’ll end up with dimming driver anyway. The hlg-120h-c1050a would do it and have built in dimmer that goes as low as about 50 watts.

The meanwell lpc-100-700 would run a single board at probably 70-75 watts on dc side with no dimming. So you’re looking at about a straight 80 watt light. That would veg a 2x2 fine and be about $20 cheaper. But you’re giving up a lot of potential and flexibility to save $20.


Thanks so much @dbrn32 .1050 it is.


Will be a nice light for what you have into it. And that driver should line up with factory driver mounting holes in heatsink too.

They sent mine with wire for board wiring but my understanding is they don’t always. Let me know when you’re ready to get the rest of stuff and I’ll get you some links.


I have a grounded power cord with a water-proof connector, and I have the left over board wiring from the 288V2 kit I got last month. I also have a few WAGO connectors. @dbrn32


You shouldn’t need anything else then, nice!


Merry Christmas from the MWs, GLs and the MW clones.

The MW scrog continues. I am crossing through the point where you worry if the girls are going to fatten up and when they finally do.

The GLs are exploding in a good way. Only faux pas was that I discovered the light on off hours four days after I switched to 12/12. So either I screwed up and it was 24/0 for three days or small fingers pressed buttons sometime in between last Monday and Friday. Regardless they look no worse for the wear. I am thinking of expanding my shower grow room to accommodate them as they have taken over the 2x2 footprint and are a foot from the lamp.

And the MW clones are established and thriving. They are on a two day watering schedule now with 1/4 grow nute


I need a big day solving problems. My lack of attention to humidity and airflow has led to a gnat and powdery mildew outbreak in the MW grow. My GLs are inches from the light in the 2x2x4 tent and rootbound in their 5 gallon pots. I need to get them into a bigger home.


Sorry to hear of your issues @Sixpackdad
Best of luck with the WPM
Hope all goes well with remediation.
Peace. :v:


I run into the same small tent problems!