4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


Hi @abouttime

The fabric pots don’t need holes. The water will freely flow out the bottom. When I have mine in tents, I move them to a bathtub for watering. After I dump the water in them I pick them up by one handle and put a cup under the tilted bottom to collect. I’ll measure what’s in the cup then take a second sample just to make sure I got it right. I find pH and Ppm can vary between early and late runoff.

The girls that are in the scrog above are in a shower, so all the runoff just goes down the drain. The pots are on top of milk crates to facilitate drainage. I can only collect runoff now from the two pots at the front of the shower. I hold a cup to their edges and catch what I can in a cup.

If I run into problems I will have to figure out how to get to the ones in the back for reads.

Thanks for checking in and hope your ladies are doing well.


@Sixpackdad great looking grow! That scrogging is awesome. Are they flowering yet? Have you switched to flowering nutes? I think giving them the same amounts of nitrogen after the flip can delay flowering? I think I remember reading that lol.


You better flip soon your about to be vertically challangedyou dont want your buds growing to close to then QBs they will bleach out your buds be careful… or lower your scrog off its platform at a second glance


@fano_man flipped them to 12/12 16 days ago.


Over the past few days, I have continued the scrogging - bending&tucking and filling up the squares - and a lot of underbelly defoliation. My wife and I have been enjoying the super-food that is the cannabis leaf the past few nights with dinner, braised in heavy cream, butter, shallots, garlic, salt, pepper, and a dash of nutmeg, a combination I believe makes anything taste awesome.

I also may have had a light leak when the duct tape holding up the tarp blocking my window failed sometime over night or during the next day before I got home. It’s possible they saw some limited light early in the morning prior to my lights going on at 10am. It is what it is.

Although I have been seeing some minor signs of flowering for about a week, today was the first day I see buds. Not much, but they are there. As a result, I will discontinue the scrogging process - the bud sites in the squares are what they are and maybe at some point I’ll be patient enough to find out what percentage of the 292 squares are filled. I will continue to defoliate and tuck fan leaves, as needed, to keep the air flowing well and the light getting to all bud sites.

The three weeks of foliar spraying per my nute schedule ended Monday. They were watered today with 13 liters each, 5.8, 1/4 nutes, 530 ppm; runoff 5.9-6, ppms 800. Installing the ventilation/exhaust this weekend is a must - it is 80%+ RH in there.

The Gold Leafs that were all topped this weekend at the 5th node look good. Watered today 5.8 at 1/4 nutes, 405 ppm; runoff 6-6.3ph, 700-800 ppm. Signs of nute burn have discontinued, as far as I can tell at the moment. The 6.3 is still a bit high, but it’s the best looking of the three, so I won’t fuss over that for now.

Last but not least, I have my first ever rooted clones! Two out of six. It’s a milestone :slight_smile:


Glad to see the progression of ur grow.
Your girls look great. I am seriously thinking that I should flip mine fairly soon.
My screen is filling up fast and these sweet amnesia are gonna stretch quite a bit. May give them another week but I’m a lil nervous about running out of height.


Mine have certainly stretched over the past two weeks. For the first week or so it was the only sign that indicate the plant as moving into the flowering phase. Now I got to wait and see how high the bud sites go.

You screen filled up quick. Looks great. I would definitely consider flipping and finishing the scrogging over the next week or so.


I cut them on 9 sept. So almost 3 months old already. And congrats on ur first cuttings. I only cut 3 and they all took.
And so another chapter begins. :grin:


Man It looks great! About the foliar spraying your doing…That’s in addition to regular feeding correct? Which nutes do you use for that? and how often? I sprayed the plants almost every morning during veg with straight ph’d water and have only done it a few times since the buds came up. Is it something that can be done during flower as well? Thanks for all your help!! Puff Puff…passing to my left!


Hi @abouttime

I follow the flower power fertilizer schedule. It has you using foliar for three weeks, the last week of 18/6 an the first two weeks of 12/12. The buds haven’t developed by the time the first two weeks of 12/12 are over so they really are not impacted negatively by a foliar spray. Mine really ate it up. I’ll hopefully get an update here shortly. Thanks for checking in!


Hi @sixpackdad
Pretty similar to Bregmans recommendations. I have bud’s so I guess no more foliar treatments but I still spray the soil with mold control, bug and root control weekly. Same to you!


Hello everyone. Here is a check-in on my plants. For the MWs, they are now at the start of the fourth week of 12/12. Nothing out of normal from a watering (1/4 nutes every other day), run-off (6pH, 1000ppm) and leaf perspective (no discoloring/abnormalities). Today was the first day I could really smell the deliciousness of new buds. I continue to do minor defoliation - enough for a side dish of greens every other day. It’s crazy how fast this they are pushing out leaves.

I installed a 4" 120cfm fan with duct to the outside to try to mitigate humidity. So far I don’t think it has had a great impact. RH is 70% in there. It was 90% yesterday, but it was rainy and humid outside. It’s dry today. I need to get my basement dehumidifier in there this weekend if I have a hope and a prayer to get the humidity down to 40-45% when these things start to bulk up

The Gold Leafs and the MW Clones are good. My Gold Leaf pH is still a little high at 6.2-6.3, but the ppms are good at ~800. I upgraded the tent light ahead of schedule from the 45W to the 285W LED.

Per my schudule I am supposed to plant new seeds tonight. It was going to be Cali Dream fems, but I think I am going to roll with the MW clones for the December cycle. Then back to seeds in January for the growoff.


Lookin really good. Are they still stretching after 4 weeks or has that started to slow some.
I just switched to 12/12 tonite. Trying to get a time frame as to what to expect.
Hope my screen looks as good as that in 4 more weeks.


They were stretching for about 2.5 weeks after going into the 12/12. They’ve slowed some. I think perhaps some of the defoliation is slowing it too. I am hoping I don’t over stress them, but if I don’t cut its a jungle in there…


I just cleaned up some little stuff that’s not going to make it to the top under screen.
Think I may run into some of the same issues with over crowding. Screen is getting quite full. These are supposed to mature in 65-70 days.


I’ll start with the Gold Leafs tonight. I went an extra day between waterings and they were bone dry. I also think I light bleached a leaf or two when I went from the 45W LED to the 280W LED, which is 12" over the plants at the moment. Only three large fan leaves affected. I’ll need to keep an eye on the newer, unaffected, closer growth to see if there are any negative reactions. But, overall they look good, pH remains higher than I would like, and the ppms are just right. The MW clones are coming along too and seem established in their solo-cups.

The scrog continues. I haven’t defoliated in a few days and, like the GLs, they were on the thirsty side today - pH is spot on an ppms are a little lower than I would like, though. It’s thick in there and the buds are competing for light. I’ll probably give it until the weekend and then trim to give more buds exposure. I saw my first frost today.


Hi everyone - I had been in New York all week and the second-in-command was tending to the plants. I give me wife instructions on amounts to add of feed and pH down - I dont have her messing around with calibrating, pH’ing, and measuring runoff. In addition, last Sunday, the MW clones went into 5 gallon fabric pots with roots organics. One of them went in with the gold leafs and got watered like the gold leafs, every other day 1/4 nutes. The other four clones haven’t been watered yet and are on 24/0 uner my 45W LED.

Clearly the MW clone in with the gold leafs didn’t like her conditions. I am assuming her condition is due to overwatering, because she looks terrible compared to the other four an the other four haven’t been watered yet.

The Gold Leafs are really bushy. The growth is thick. No signs of issues. Two are topped at the fifth node, one was FIMd at the fifth node. On Monday, I goto 12/12 per my schedule, so they will really begin to take off. I need to figure out what to do with them. They are due to goto the bigger room on Janaury 14th, but I am on convinced that the MWs will be ready by then. I will need to train them or do some sort of temp scrog.

And the MWs in SCROG are rockin’. It is a dense jungle in there. I will ponder whether to defoliate this weekend or next. No signs of any issues.


@Sixpackdad just curious as to what you use for watering? Clearly you can’t reach to the back of the tent with that huge canopy of wonder.


I am able to hand water. The pot in the furthest corner is a bit of a reach and there is a bit of throwing the water to reach it.



I flipped to 12/12 on 11/12 and was thinking that I’d harvest after nine weeks, which would bring me to about 1/15. Looking at my buds, I do not think they will be done in one month. When did you flip, and did you build in a few weeks for your plant to transition to flowering on top of the expected flowering time? I think you said you thought you’d be harvesting in February?