4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


They are just about 1.75" square


here’s mine. Now all I have to do is fill it in.


@Oldguy It’s going to be beautiful when that thing is green corner to corner.


Absolutely. Now the work part starts.


Urs is looking pretty lush and filling in as well.


I joined the ILGM forum one year ago and rambled on about my messed up first grow. To celebrate, I bought myself a gift and got a 288V2 260W on the way for next weekends project. It will replace my HPS/MH lamp, which will goto the attic for the time being.

Latest pics and update: the scrog continues. Patience is a virtue, and I lack it. I need to leave them be sometimes, I broke a few tips. I continue to water every other day, 5.8, 1/4 nutes. Runoff was 1300 and 5.9 on the pot I could collect water off of. No other symptoms, but there were a few leaves that had fallen off from the underbelly, maybe five between a few of the plants, and there is a growing number of gnats buzzing around. So, I got some things to keep my eye on.

In the little kids tent, the Gold Leafs look ok. Still some slight discoloration/lightening around the edges. Maybe overwatering? These are getting watered every other day, too, 5.8ph, and I started 1/4 ilgm start nutes today. Runoff was better - 5.9-6.2, 1200-1400 ppms. The clones look okay - they are in 5.8pH, 1/4 nutes of ilgm start too. No roots are through yet.


I’ve been scrogging now for about a week and a half. For most of that time, I have just been bending and tucking the stems to try get a bud site per square, and “pulling up” lower growth into the screen when possible. Yesterday, I cleared out the growth under the canopy that had no chance of making it up to the screen. Lately, the fan leaves under the canopy have been wilting and dropping off and I am assuming this is ok. It doesn’t seem to have affected anything above the screen.

It was getting pretty thick and the fan leaves were really starting to dominate that area as opposed to the bud sites and new growth. After some reading about the great debate between tucking and removing fan leaves, I have started to tuck the fan leaves back under the net for the time being. Maybe in a week or so I will start removing some fan leaves slowly every day to thin out the underbelly canopy and reduce the risk of bud rot later on.

Watered today, 12 liters each, 5.8ph, 400ppm nutes; runoff 5.9-6, 1200-1300ppm. Plants look good overall.

Last night, before tucking

Today, fan leaves tucked:

The underbelly

The Gold Leafs are ok. The MW clones are okay too, no roots yet. Both got water today, 5.8pH, 150ppm nutes, a wee but for the MWs, about 3 liters each for the GLs, GL runoff was 5.9 to 6.4 :frowning: , ppms were 700-1200. Two GLS show minor nute burn I think. I topped two at the 5th node last night. The third is a little bit behind and still working on the 4th node.


Looking good man


Very nice indeed.




Looking like a jungle


@GreenCoat here’s my scrog.


I got my 260W V2 3k HLG last night and assembled today. It was easy-peesy. My only warning is that the edges of the two short ends of the heat sink are wicked sharp. Special thanks to @dbrn32 for his many many many QB posts on folks’ various topics.

It replaces a 1500wchip/600eq/260wactual KING LED. They have the same wall draw, but the KING has three fans, so the actual wattage for the KINGS’s LEDs and driver is lower than then HLG I guess, plus the HLG chips and driver are supposed to be more efficient too. I think it all adds up to more light for the buck. I don’t have anything negative to say about the KINGLED, though. Its a nice light for the $150 price tag. It will go into my tent for the late veg/early flowering plants.

I have it about 2 feet above the SCROG screen, so the closest plant tops are about about 18" away. Should I go lower?

Before - 1500Wchips/600eq/260Wactual KINGLED blurple

After - 260W 288V2 3k @2.5 feet, it was lowered to 2 feet since

And the state of the scrog - more tucking and bending. I remove a littel bit each day - some nudergrowth, or some fan leave that interferes whether its above or below the screen. More signs of flowering are occuring. Monday will be the second full week of flowering.


Way more par per watt with qb’s, at least double.


Great job on the lights. Might give the plants a few days to adjust before going any lower.


I keep seeing lots of growth. I continue to bend/tuck and perform minor defoliation. With the exception of the outer edges, most of the scrog squares are filled with a bud site. Some of the growth toward the edges have also run out of room and are just stretching upwards with nowhere else to go. I tied some down to get them closer to the light, but they are crowding other sites. I guess at some point I’ll just need to fim them.

This is my first photo grow fully indoors. My first two grows were auto, and my third grow LA confidentials started outside and were already flowering mid-August before I moved them inside. I really don’t have a baseline to know how quickly they move from veg to flower indoors. I am a little concerned about the lack of flowering so far, I transitioned to 12/12 two weeks ago, but I am going to try to be patient.

Watered today 13 liters each, 5.8pH, 1/4 nutes; runoff where I could collect it was 5.9-6 and 800ppm - kinda low but no signs of any issues yet. I’ll probably bump up the dosage next watering on Tuesday.

The Gold Leafs continue to grow and look ok with some minor nute burn that doesn’t seem to be progressing . I switched to ILGM grow formula because I am out of start - hoping for some cyber monday discount on ILGM tomorrow.

Watered at 5.8, 1.4 nutes; runoff was 6.1 to 6.3, 900-1000ppm.

Clones are alive but no roots anywhere yet. How long do I wait? It has been 11 days.


Looks like a jungle in there now!


Yeah - I am a little concerned about that too. I had a goal this weekend to get the intake/exhaust system up and going this weekend. I didn’t get there. It’s 80+rh in there post-watering. I’ve got some time still but Jungle+Humidity=Bud Rot. I haven’t had a grow yet where I have avoided bud rot entirely.:rage:


Yeah airflow will be tricky with that much vegetation.


looking great @sixpackdad! i just picked up a few cloth bags for my next grow. how do you get runoff from them? are they in trays and do your bags have holes? I decided to separate my girls from theyre original 20"x36"x60’ tent… I picked up a second tent that’s a little larger but still manageable and got the HIGROW 2000 LED for it, I had to add an exhaust fan to the top of the tent tonight because the light gives off a lot of heat, but I did it a little different than the other tent in which I bought a bathroom fan for 15$ at the local homedepot and just placed it over the access/duct portal in the top of the tent. I’m hoping it’ll drop the temps down to the 70’s because its been in the 80’s for the past few days with a lot of humidity. I left part of the tent door open once I realized what the conditions were. The GL’s that I moved over to the new tent had a little stress to them but they’re rebounding nicely and getting their color back… there was quite a bit of yellowing going on from the heat and humidity and light change I’m guessing. Having too many in the first tent made 'em look great all smushed together but when I separated them they looked lame. I’m getting great bud sites tho everywhere from the scrogging I did. So I still hope having 6 ladies of different denominations will make up for it yield wise for this first real grow of mine, but the next time I’m keeping it down to 3 and really let them bush up. Keep up the great work and thanks for letting me follow along!