4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


I was thinking about a SOG scog hybrid … Cool glad u did this




I don’t really have enough experience to help very much @Sixpackdad… Tried to post this nute schedule I use that says when growing in coco…, to use cal/mag for sure though. Says something like cal./mag. optional unless using r.o. water or growing in coco…, but it, the nute schedule thing, did not post properly… I am not very good with computer type devices. You could prob. go on that site and search for nutrient schedule for General Hydroponics…I think I just goggled something like that, when I found it months ago… Sorry it did not work right amigo…


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Quick pics of the day. All is well. Previous MW deficiencies appeat stopped in tracks. Moved to bloom ILGM ferts today, 1/4 dose. Gold Leaf are holding there own, sharing some space with the MW cuttings I took today from bottom branches.


My hat is off sixpackdad. Awesome grow. I just finished my screen last nite. But what I have under it is not like urs. Wicked. :+1::+1::+1:


My frame is 40x40 in. Am I being optimistic that 3 plants will fill in that much ?


Absolutely, you can fill that out with three plants.


Just gotta be longer veg time I expect.


I had mine vegging for six weeks, but I only topped once and didn’t do much training. I think you could fill out that space with three plants in the same time with more topping and low stress training through its veg phase so that some of the lower branches get up to the light. I look forward to seeing your grow fill it out.


Mine have had no topping yet and precious little training. I have the height to go a little bit longer but they’re already going to be monsters. :grin:


They’re already 9 weeks since cut from mom.


Sixpackdad. Picked up a pan for under and got lotsa holes in tote. It’s a heavy duty boot tray. 13.50 at wal mart. 2 inches deep and 17x35. Should do the trick.
And thanks again for the interest and help. I’m looking forward to ur MW grow too. Seeing as how I’m kinda following ur steps.


Based on the @raustin advice to to @ElmoMan, I transplanted my gold leaves to 5 gallon pots. Prior to transplant I ran 5.8ph water through the roots organics soil. Runoff Ppm was 2300 and ph was 6. I’m also trying to clone some of the Maui wowies. It’s kinda a half ass attempt, we will see where it goes.


Me likes. I’m moving mine as we speak. Will need to make up some nutes for the occasion. They do look better today though. I feel they liked their food and drink. More of the same tonight.


The SCROG continues - I have to say, it’s really fun training a bud site into each square, kinda gets obsessive. Maybe in a few days I’ll figure out what percentage are filled. I was concerned that I wouldn’t fill up the screen in time, as I’ve read it is better to go through a few weeks of veg while filling the net, but I have so many plants squished in there, it won’t take long.

No flowering yet, third day of 12/12. Watered today , 12 liters each, 5.8ph, 1/4 nute ~400ppm. Was able to collect runoff from the front 2, 1500ppm, 6.0pH on both. No signs of deficiency or leaf symptoms spreading.

The GL’s look good, maybe some nute burn on one (back left plant, right leaf), maybe from water/light burn. The clones seem ok too, leaves are still perky.



The nightly scrog. Kids look good. No signs of flowering yet. 12 liters today each, 400ppm, 5.8 pH; runoff of one plant 1500ppm, ph 6.0

Here’s the Gold Leafs. I am mildly concerned with some slight discoloration in the leaves on all three plants, very slight yellowing in between the veins. It’s hard to tell in the pics. I watered at straight 5.8pH water and the runoff was 1400-1500 ppm on all three, but the pH was 6.4-6.5. Otherwise they look fine. They just got transplanted, so perhaps its a little stress, maybe a little pH unhappiness, too. I’ll need to watch them closely over the next few days. Clones were a little limp and dry today, I watered them and will see how they come out.


What size are the holes in your screen.
Just curious.


Have mine set at 2 in.