4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


You r over crowding gotta do what you gotta do to not let plants transpire or perspire when 2 plants tounch is a wpm heaven u might need to move on into flower tent or exile ir outside dont loose your whole crop over greed


I haven’t lost a crop yet dude. Time and effort will get me there.


Wpm can explode you must really be super vigilent if its growing conditions are perfect for try and change something up defola lil forsure h2o2 is great but still damp the o molecule release rather fast then its water


I’ve lived the explosion. It’s well documented in the thread. I failed to keep it at bay with the first MWs and GLs.

I’m not really following you on the second half of your post.


If h202 is left uncapped it will release the second Of th 02 and become strait water so u essentially are spraying water on them its peroxide only for a little time


I’m not spraying water on them. I pour the peroxide in a bowl with 9 parts water and wipe off the WPM on each leaf or stem I find it on with a paper towel


The MWs look great. WPM preventative maintenance continues. Minor spots here and there that need attention about every other day. This weekend will be the last defoliation. Some lower leaves starting to get consumed. Buds are thickening and looks like some dense colas coming. All hail the QB132s! I’m going to keep these under them for the rest of the grow to see how these boards flower.


Those are some lovely little fruit trees you’ve got growing! Nice job.


The Gold Leafs are in the home stretch. Amber, lots of cloudy, still some clear trichomes. A few of the buds have made a last minute push on calyxes. Today was drill day. Ice and 48 hours of darkness will start on Thursday evening at the last lights out, with the chop on Saturday or Sunday morning. These were flipped on 12/12 on 12/17. Assuming two weeks of transition, they have been flowering for 8 weeks.


It was the last defoliation today for the MW Clones. They got few with ~600ppm of bloom at 5.8pH. Each plant was cleared of its WPM spots. Hopefully some thinning of the leaves and smaller branches will help with that. I also gave the tent a good bleaching today. Bud development is solid and the plant, aside from WPM spots, look super green and healthy. They went to 12/12 on 1/27, so assuming a two week transition to flower, they have been in flower for two weeks. They are less than 6" from the QB134s, no signs of light bleaching yet and the lights emit so little heat there’s no temp impact at the top leaves.


Looking great, Man. Good luck with the harvest, and the final push with the MWs!


I wouldnt wait for bleaching to raise them unless u got em turned way down id raise em up


i was going to do that this weekend, I have about another 3-4inches it can go up. I thought I’d see some impact by now. But I don’t think the tops could be more lush. It’s the QB132s so there’s more spacing out of the LEDs, maybe that is a helping factor. I’m going to watch for now and react if needed.


My plan was to harvest the Gold Leafs this weekend but on Monday mother nature had other ideas. After a four-hour power outage, I came to a realization later that my 20yr old digital timer didn’t survive it. So I basically started the period of darkness a few days early, iced them up, and then harvested yesterday. The WPM ravaged buds had a thorough washing in hydrogen peroxide a la Jorge Cervantes method and then were trimmed up. They are currently hanging. A few smaller buds are drying out and I’ll give them a spin this weekend. I am very pleased with the bud density and cola size. They were finished up under 2-288s and a 1500w blurple.


Now that’s an impressive size cola ya got there buddy


It will be sad when I have to cut her up into little pieces. But I am interested what it looks like under there. I think the stem split into two and then the buds all merged and stacked together from both directions.


Yea that’s how you get them big Christmas trees when ones just a little lower converge…


@Sixpackdad. That is a beautiful cola brother. :+1:. Nice work. :v:


Nice work! That looks like a great harvest… especially the long-fought battle with he wpm. Great job! Did you measure wet-weight?


I trimmed up a few of my hanging Gold Leafs into jars today. The large buds still have a day or two it seems before they have let go of the right amount of moisture.

The MW clones are good. I raised the lights earlier this week with some prodding by @fano_man. The lamps is as high as it can be and there is about a foot clearance to the plant tops.

They got their typical WPM inspection today and there were plenty of spots to clean up. It seemed like a few more spots than the last time I checked. I have a NY trip this week and am concerned about coming back to an outbreak. I may need to complete an impromptu training of the significant other tomorrow so she can inspect and remove any spots until I am back on Friday.

They were watered to runoff today with a 1/3 dosage of “bloom” at 5.8 pH. No runoff was measured due to my laziness.

The buds appear to be filling in nicely. There is some minor discoloration going on, maybe from the light, maybe from hunger. It is not enough to be worried about yet, but I’ll need to watch closely


I didn’t take a wet weight. I finished trimming the other night at 12:45AM and couldn’t muster the motivation at that point. Once they are all in jars I will take a measurement.

Sometimes I sit and reflect on my laziness and procrastination :slight_smile: