4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


Thanks everyone for their thoughts. I’ve ended up going with some simple LSTing and making the trunk lean in one direction. With that the pots are positioned on alternating sides so the plants crisscross each other.

They have not grown vertically much, now about a week plus at 12/12. The dandelion formation hasn’t really started to take place either.

More on the WPM and the Gold Leafs later.
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@Sixpackdad. I did the same thing with mine and it worked for my space limits. Peace and good luck. U got this. :v::grin:


The Gold Leafs are ok. The buds look real nice and they seem to be filling out and stacking. I am still battling the WPM and let it slide a few too
many days without peroxide. I had to give them a good wash. They hadn’t been watered in 4 days and the five gallon plant was near dehydration. They all got watered with 5.8 bloom and boost nutrients. I am expecting to harvest in about one month.


Yo those roots above the soil are wild why are they they there sis you do a root dip before transplant and wash old ball off? Looks cool as hell with the wpm i would he hitting em 2 x a day but i understand your timidnis of botrytis being close to the end this is when it will set in … be diligent with the h2o2 bro dont wanna loose anything to a fungus makes ya real mad at your self for s long time im still mad about ky last run but i smile when i walk in my door now it stinks so good finally


Id clear out a pittle bit of your amozonian jungle you got going on to since you have mold issues that dense foliage is haven for mold i mnow you want to leave as many fans as possible but to combat wpm id trto not let leaves be touching eachother especially from another plant…and you said a week plus and no dandelioning …im at 6 days on my white widows and im starting dandilion… what are you flowering with im under 800watts hps 2000k 2x 400watt


Hi @fano_man

The roots are above the soil because when I moved them from 5 gallon to 10 gallon pots I tried out a hypothesis that I would leave some of the top of the root ball above the new soil like and that the root ball would “sink” as the new soil settled and maximize the amount of space the plant would have to root out. My hypothesis didn’t pan out. Things settled, but not how I was envisioning it may. The result is the raisedroot ball that does look bonsai-ish neat.

Your right I got to do better keeping up with the peroxide. I do think the peroxide spray actually inhibits budrot too despite the humidity inside the buds caused by the foliage spray. My MW harvest that just came down was my first bud rot free harvest and I peroxide’d right up to the end.

Yeah, it’s a jungle in there. The MWs in transition are under four QB132 v2 3k on a 240w 1750a driver. they are clones of what I just harvested. I plan to do one more defoliation next week. They are fully isolated from where I have WPM and the gold leafs. The gold leafs got exposed to WPM from the MWs I just cut. I had run out of room and had to put them all together. Once the gold leafs are done I may decommission the shower and go fully to grow tents.


Looking great @Sixpackdad, are you seeing an appreciable difference in the lights your running now and what you were using before?
I built my screen myself and then was able to push it down as the plants starting growing…I did the same with my Gold leafs and kinda manifolded them. The side shoots of the main stalk then made colas as big as the top did.


Ive always wondered about peroxide. Does it oxidize the cannabinoids in the buds?


Based on the MWs I recently harvested, I see no appreciable impact to the effect. I am very pleased with the product. However I do question if the peroxide impacts the health of the leaf itself perhaps impacting its ability to effectively photo synthesize vey well. The leafs feel drier than they should be after application. No way to prove this, just a hypothesis.


@Sixpackdad. I noticed after spraying mine the leaves also felt crisper /dryer. I know my concentration was too high at the 3%. Turned all the pistils brown in 2 days.
I’m sure it had something to do with the growth slow down afterwards. :v:


I saw the browning of the pistels too. I suspect there was some impact to bud swelling and stacking.


@Sixpackdad. Absolutely. I may use at 50/50 water again but I’m nervous to do that after seeing what happened last grow.

Lighting question. So indecisive lol

Ok im all caught up lol its cool to watch so much happen through an hour read. My eventual goal is to have a similar, multiple tent grow going. This thread was informational. Thanks!


I put together an Amazon list of everything I used for components and tools to build my 4-QB132 V2 3K lamp for my 2x4 tent. The only thing missing are the QB132s, which can be found on the Horticulture Lighting Group website.


The MW clones received a lollipopping today to clear out the lower leaves and branches as well as lower leaves and shoots on main branches that have reached the top of the plant. They haven’t stretched as much as I thought they would, which is good because they are about 6" from the QB132s. I should probably cull the runt (lower, left plant) - which hasn’t shot up like the other three, doesn’t seem to be feeding/consuming water at the same rate as the other three, and is generally overshadowed by the other three plants in the tent - but I really struggle to cull a full grown plant. I watered today a little under a 1/2 dose (~400ppm) of “grow” at 5.8pH, runoff 6.0, 750ppms. It will be the last use of “grow” nutrients, as the second week of 12/12 comes to an end and the dandelion is beginning to form. I will begin the “bloom” nutrients this coming week.


Some WPM detected on the MW clones today. Very minor spots but on all four plants. Leaves impacted were individually washed and the tent was given a spray down. I did not give the plants a whole peroxide application. If more pops up, I may. Otherwise they look solid

The gold leafs are good. Still keeping WPM at bay. Watered today with bloom and boost. Buds look dense and stacking nicely. About three weeks to go I figure.


That wpm scares the beejeezus out of me. I’ve been graced with dumb luck so far, and have avoided it. You have done a great job with your grow, @Sixpackdad. The plants look great. Power on in the good fight!


Inspection of the gold leafs tonight showed some ambering of the trichomes. I’ll need to watch closely over the next few days. Based on that I gave one last dose of boost and bloom tonight. I’ll need to decide whether to go one more week of bloom and then a last week of water only. Or maybe just go to water from here on out. The end is near!

The clones look good. In additional to bloom nutes tonight, only some minor WPM needed to be wiped off leaves on all three plants. The maintenance is working but needs to be constantly monitored to keep it it control. Full on flowering has started



I didn’t think today was a great day for our community.

On to the grow…
The MW clones continue to get WPM checks and cleanings with 9:1 water to h2o2. I use paper towels and gently wipe off any spots. It’s hard to see it when it’s not rampant and trying to establish itself. I need to give the check over a few times around the plants at different angles of light. If you look down at it perpendicular, it’s really tough to see, it’s a little better at an angle, where the light doesn’t seem to pass through it and makes it stick out. I should’ve taken more pictures to show it and will next time.

I started trying something new today. I added a microorganism supplement today from Aurora Innovations, which is the same company that makes the roots organics potting soil I use, called Oregonism. It looks like black mold. I added two tablespoons to a quart of 5.8 water and split it amongst the MWs after they were watered today. There’s a lot of discussion out there on microorganism health in soil, @Skydiver posted on recently. It seems like something worth trying out.

The gold leafs progress - more amber around the sugar leaves, more clear and cloudy around the calyxs. I watered today with a 1/4 dose of bloom. They continue to need a peroxide spray every few days because the WPM is systemic at this point.

One more watering with nutes next time around, then it’s straight water until harvest. I can’t wait to trim the big bud to see how huge it is, a BOM in the making? One thing about growing these not-in-SCROG is the satisfaction of the big bud. I got a boatload of buds with my MW scrog, but it doesn’t have that satisfying stacked central bud.


Great timing as I’m reading a new book for me by the rev and I read this post and went back to the book turned the page and here is what I read from the Revs book

For battles with powdery mildew
I love a product called Serenade, which is a spray-on bacterium that actually consumes
the mold—or at least that’s how I understand it

Hope this helps