4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


Last but not least, the the WPM war ravaged Maui Wowies have had there bases drilled today. Runoff was 450ppms today. My wife has given positive indication of the early samples that were quick dried in bags and smoked. I have higher hopes for these girls when they come down next Sunday. Lots of cloudy. Patches her and there of both amber and clear. I fill that they have bulked up a bit this week. The end is near!


I am def envious of ur garden bro. :wink:
They are sure to please :grin::v:


How are you doing with the bug wars?


Very impressive grow! Think my MW is about two weeks out. She’s incredibly sticky and more piney smelling than the BGA’s. Can’t wait to sample her too!


@Sixpackdad. Brother it is a war. I removed another few handfuls of bug bit leaves today and ready to spray tonite.
Gonna have to tie a bunch up. :grin:. Falling over so silica for next grow on advice from @ntmaremach last eve. I’m finding my pots seem quite cool to the touch (unheated basement) so gonna raise them up on a bit of a platform to keep air flow under as well. But heavier stems is a good sign :grin:. Got paint for room already ordered for redo. Maybe even a new light :crossed_fingers:if things go well. Peace for now brother.
Wicked grow. :v:


I did the peroxide wash…i guess it sounded worse than it was. It turned great too. Just going thru your grow again!


My GL’s started Oct.20 in to cups after poppin in water and a paper towel. I harvested Jan. 19 based on the trichs.So four month grow and 2 months of veg and flower. My buds are nice and got two great big colas out of her but I went wrong with nutes during transition, and bad ph for most of the grow which I if I had corrected sooner would given me a better yield. I also learned from you that I can flip whem I want to keep the plant manageable. Having so many in the one small tent didnt help with yields from each individual plant but Im still going to get more than 16 zips collectively which for my first grow I think isnt to shabby!.
I just started a Super Skunk that broke ground yesterday and a Amesia haze auto that Im gonna run side by side. I also took a flowering clone of the GL and Im gonna try to get it going as well. Gotta pay some bills but Im going to get a QB set up soon enough. I dig the light they give in your pics. One pic looks like therea a window in the pic and theres sunlight coming in your grow space till I looked closely and saw its the mylar film you have up and the QB light is so natural looking. Want to hear what your thoughts are on your results since I think youve used quite a few setups!?


@abouttime - three month grow right?

Interesting on the cycle timelines differences between our grows so far. The MWs I am about to harvest were just out of the ground around 9/30, went through six weeks of veg before a flip to 12/12, and I haven’t harvested yet. My GLs were out of the ground around 11/3, a little more than two weeks after yours, and I am expecting to take them down 3/3. Maybe they will go faster than that based on your outcome. I’ll be watching for it. Thanks for he heads up.


Last watering today for the MWs. I am outta town working nights on a system emergency. Drove home two hours today to water and assess. PPMs were 350. Peroxide spray to keep WpM at bay for a few more days. The leaves finally looking like they are getting eaten by the plant. Hopefully I can get home tomorrow and set things up for 48 hours of darkness and an ice bath for the roots. Loving the high of the sampling so far. The end is near.


Iced and now in 48 hours of darkness. Temps in the low 60s in there.


Woohoo!:tada::tada: Congratulations @Sixpackdad. That’s quite an accomplishment. I can’t wait to see what your harvest looks like!


MW clones today went to 12/12.


Looks great @Sixpackdad. Ur gonna be busy with :scissors: here very soon. Congrats.


I’m working overnight and get released from a system outage tomorrow morning. A brief nap when I get home then it’s time to go to work.


Love the ice in the pots. Kool. :grin:
Friend used to put in his res when he did water. Said it worked well. Peace :v:


harvest day

I have a long day and night ahead of trimming, cleaning and bleaching the grow room, and rearranging the gold leafs into a sterile growroom. The white powedery mildew was thick and curing the branches caused a lot of it to sail in the air. Gross. I’ve cleaned every branch and bud in the Jorge Cervantes peroxide wash. The result of that lies on towels in wait of trimming.


I am seeking some folks thoughts on the Maui Wowie clones. They are in a 5 foot tall tent. They are about 8" away from their light at the moment and I can probably raise the light another 6" tops. They went into 12/12 this week and I am sure are about to hit their stride in the stretch and will encroaching the lights in no time. I do not have the option to move them elsewhere - they are in what they are in.

What does the community think - supercropping, lop off the tops, something else?

Thanks all!


Normally, I would supercrop them. But it’s going to be very crowded in there. Supercropping will encourage more growth; it just might buy you some vertical inches. But honestly, I’m not sure I’d super crop them after the flip. It might be alright since they haven’t started flowering yet, but don’t rely on just my advice on this one, for sure. (Also, it might be hard to supercrop these. The stalks might already be a bit woody, so it may take a while to break the pulp without breaking the skin of the stalks.). Good luck!!


Not sure if u would be able to tie over. I know space is tight.
@Sixpackdad. You do have a bit of a situation to deal with. 8 in isn’t very much room for ur stretch. And as @WonkaMan said. The stems may be too woody for a supercrop. I’m sure u will figure a way to do this. Peace. :v:


Man super crop the tops down tied to the side of the bucket put a collar on em so the cant get no bigger dont cut the main stalk before flower ull be mad at your self