4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


Of course we have to do it for science! That is our duty😉


The 48hr thing…Ive done this @Sixpackdad and to be blatantly honest I didn’t see a difference. I havnt ever split but I have shocked with my last water being iced. I don’t think I’d bother again x


Let us know what it’s like. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference. X


I will definitely do that! I can’t wait to smoke some and see if it did.


@Sixpackdad. I haven’t done the 48 hour dark or stem split yet. It certainly looks like u got all ur ducks in a row. I’ll be watching to see how it goes tho. Thanks for the tag.
Peace :v:


Sounds good, @Sixpackdad. You will want to keep an eye on those trichs though. If you have 48% cloudy and 48% clear with a 4% amber now, they can turn very quickly. You may have a while to go, but it would be good to look at them each day… though maybe not chop a branch each day. Good luck!


Hi @Sixpackdad, Seems like your on the right track. I drilled lmy GL’s ast week and have been doing 1 teaspoon per gallon of Molasses, Terpine, Cal Mag, in 6.5 water…ppms goin in are 350 and 250 comin out. Trich’s are about 20% on them and Ill shut them down when it gets to 50/50. Im still watering every other day since the pots get real dry by then. The Big buds and Blue are now getting about 800 ppms per every other feed but that ends this weekend and Ill do the same feed Im giving the GL’s next week until the Trich’s are ready. My plan with the first two is to flush em again and turn off the lights for 48 so I can cut em down Saturday. Havent pulled any buds on mine but yes stretching over the buds is a hassle to read the rrichs but I have a 2 foot deep tent so its not as bad as yours! Great grow brother my fingaz are crossed for you!


Scrogg abandoned @DoobieNoobie ur a patient fellow thad be right up ur alley …as fo cleaning up the bottom it’s not so bad think about it… your gonna want max light on your scrog if you got other plants flowering near by your gonna want scrog up high on a pedestal putting undercarriage easily inyo faaaaccce


That’s a idea I thought about to. Raising the plant up to a height I’m not bending over for. I’ll mess around with a few things to see if I can come up with something.


Yea I see alot of Scrogs on a crate or something of the sort. Dont forget to make an anchoring device because a plant falling from a height with that much training… could mean disaster… I mean I had 2 mainline going now I have 1.5 main lines lol with the branches being cut and pulling the tree in 2 diff directions when it hit s the ground one side is going to give… that sucked man I jus took a look at her …her sister is phenominal it woulda been sweet having 2 flowering but I got 1.5 so shes got a pimp lean shes a little side heavy now but shes growing everything back over to the broken off side to compensate the uneven weight


Heres 1.5 mainlines


what is and how to (Drill the stalk) ?..:sweat::thinking::sweat_smile::v:


Some people will drill the stalk about 7 - 14 days before they harvest or put the plant in darkness. Some believe this stresses the plant out and helps make the trichomes more so. You would drill at the base or use a knife to put a hole straight through. There are lots of YouTube videos on it.


thank you missiles !!..:+1:


Anytime :wink:.


Still struggling with the WPM. Lots of it is dead and will need to be washed off. Freezing outside so humidity is real low. I have to clean the gold leafs frequently for spots that show up.

I am drilling the MWs today. Last watering ppm runoff was 650. The harvest will be next Saturday unless the trichs or mold makes me do it earlier.

On one gold leaf, the bud top is massive. It appears the branch is splitting and two massive colas are growing. Anyone seen this before?


Ya gotta like a genetic mutation. Especially when it doubles up. I’ve never had myself but a friend did with some unknown clones from a few years ago. It’s pretty Kool to see. :+1::grin:
Girls lookin great too btw. :v:
Were supposed to get that crap coming up the east coast sun into mon too. But frickin raw here now too. 18-20 F and blowing hard. Hope ur day goes well. Spark a bowl and stay warm. :grin::v:


That sure is a beautiful looking room! I see that nice thick cola standing up there to the left😉


The Maui wowie clones, which have missed a feeding and gone four days without water and nutes, are a little clawy and have faint yellowing discoloration on new leaves. Ph and ppm going in was 5.8 and 600. Runoff was 6 and 700, so they may be a bit hungry. The QB304 was only 6 inches away, so I raised that up to about 10 inches to cover my bases, as perhaps it’s a light burn issue. Or both :slightly_smiling_face:.


The gold leafs are good. They also missed a feeding. Leaves were a little droopy and the soil was extra dry, but I expect just a wee thirsty I see some slight yellowing on bottom leaves, but nothing out of the ordinary for its age, and the tops look great. I still am combating powerdery mildew. Maybe two dozen leaves between the three plants were wiped of minor WPM.

The buds look fantastic and the Superbad is forming almost a spherical formation. I am concerned she’s too dense for her own good, but who know. 5.8 and 475 going in, 5.9 and 1500 coming out.