4th grow....2nd Journal

Hey all! Realistically I’m in the middle of the 4th. 15 cloned girls just went into flowering on 4/11. They had about 3 months of vegging. 4 ILGM Big Bud, 3 ILGM Chocolope and 8 ILGM Amnesia Haze. I’m hoping that all of my hard earned lessons will pay off this run. Just added a par meter to my many tools… that might be the most valuable one!!! A pic of one side of the room

Happy Growing


Amnesia haze closest… then chocolope and big bud in the back. DAYS 15 AND 19.

Happy Growing!!

How long did it take your chocolope to finish?? @420qc

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They’re still going… looks like another month… which will put them at almost 13 weeks.

Those are the chocolopes. Here are some different pheno amnesia haze

Happy Growing!!