4th Grow 2-Gold Leaf, 5-Bubble Gum clones and 4- White Widow Auto


I’m seriously thinking about changing nutes after looking at your grows, just amazing.


I use Advanced Nutrients PH perfect Micro, Grow, Bloom.

I also use the lucus formula

Veg stage
5ml Micro
10ml Bloom
5ml Rhino Skin when needed
5ml Cal/Mag when needed

Flower stage
5ml Grow
10ml Bloom
8ml Overdrive when needed
5ml Rhino Skin when needed
5ml Cal/Mag when needed

I hope that helps @WickedAle @raustin


Here is some trichome pictures. I just love to look at these under my microscope.

So even though they look very frosty without the aid of a microscope, they still have areas that are just starting to grow. So i am going to have to re-evaluate my harvest date.

To determine my harvest date, after I flip to 12/12, I wait until I see pistils. This is my start date. Then I add 60 days to this date and that is my projected harvest date.

So for this harvest my projected harvest date is September 30. I really don’t think they will be ready by they so I will add another week. This effects when I quit feeding and when to start flushing and all the other stuff you do when your getting ready to harvest.

Now the pictures.







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Looks like 2-3 three amber’s - kind of like a strip club :wink:

Start the clock!


Beautiful trich development. More of us need to concentrate on this, and thanks for the explanation on how you do it.


If this was my first or second grow, they would have been chopped down by now. lol


Yes, exactly! Most people cut way too early.


I cut this bud in two and look what I found. 2 small immature seeds. They never grow into big seeds. I have seen these floating in my alcohol when I make oil. Last grow I had a White Widow Auto hemie on me. I guess I didnt clean the room good enough.



Nice brother! Those shots are awesome. How are you?


Lots of pain today. My liver is so swollen that even 45mg of Oxy won’t take the pain away. @Sirsmokes


Im sorry you’re in pain. I do hope you feel better soon.


Sorry you’re hurting brother :sweat: If you’re getting seeds from the same area on different plants, I’d lean more towards a light leak. Pollen doesn’t stay viable in open air more than 3-5 days is what I’ve been told on the lab side


So you are saying this plant hemied from a light leak and pollen only lives for 3 to 5 days. @MattyBear
Wouldn’t the other plants hemie too.


Not necessarily. Depends on the placement in the tent. If the leak is only hitting one plant, then it would only affect that plant


Yet another glowing grow…You are amazing!!! I keep you constant in my thoughts and healing light. So happy to see a new post from you …BEAUTIFUL… Blessings of Light, Love, Healing & Lots Of Gentle Hugs ~ Key :sparkling_heart:


Great information… I love the way you think… your tips -n- tricks go straight into my knowledge bank … By following you I have become very confident and comfortable with growing and I’m only 3 weeks into my 2nd :blush: And I’m sorry you’re in so much pain … healing energy coming to you through the winds!!!


@Key2THC I had a rough day today and these word of encouragement always lift my spirits


Like I’ve said before… I wish I had the magic mirror to poof it all away for you … think of you all the time and pray. :kissing_heart:


Again, Thank You. Off to bed. Good night. @Key2THC


Hope you can rest with the pain brother. I’m sorry you are in so much pain. StI’ll updating your journal. I know you said this would probably be your last grow, but I truly hope you stay as active as you can on here. Hopes and prayers coming your way brother
Edit I truly hope you have family close in your time of need.