4th Grow 2-Gold Leaf, 5-Bubble Gum clones and 4- White Widow Auto


Train Wreck

Gold Leaf.


looks like they are ready


Hey, Brother! Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I was finally able to go back to work, so I’ve also cut back on my time here.

The little bit that survived until harvest is almost all jarred up. Between the bugs, virus and bud rot, this year was a helluva battle outside.

I’m trying to go inside again. @dbrn32 and @MattyBear have helped me to get started.

All that is left to do now is cut the intake and exhaust ports for the fan. The ducting finally arrived yesterday, but I was so tired and sore from all the drywall we slung up that I just showered and went to bed.

Today is going to be another rough one. If I don’t get it today after work, I’ll get it tomorrow.

I am waiting on a Sour Diesel to sprout to start learning to control the environment. After I can get that dialed in, it will be game on! Lol

The space is small, but it will work for me. 30x32x67" is what I have to work with. I lost 2’ of height by raising the floor so I wouldn’t have to bend down to the plant.

Time for work now. Have a great day, Brother.


that light looks badazz @FloridaSon…you will get some quality buds from that bad boy!


Thanks, Brother! Dbrn32 really hooked me up with that light!


My grow space is only 17x18x60 and I got three oz out of my skywalker that I grew in there. If I had that extra width, I could have doubled the output.

30x32x67 will do, I totally understand the space restriction. You can make it work fairly easily. Some things are a little different in small grows but good plant care is all you need in a small space. I think it is actually a little better as far as bugs and such. I have not had a bug problem in a grow since I started the smaller space grow. I have done it for two years+ now. Although is I am not a high volume user and can keep myself completely in stock most times growing in that space.

Good luck in your grow. Tag me so I can keep up with you. Jerry :us::motorcycle::sunglasses:


Hat Max, have not forgot you, I been down and in harvest too… Just drooped in to say hello


Hey, how are you. going to Doc tomorrow. My big tumor grew 2 inches. Not sure what they are going to do if anything. @crazyots


Max Praying for you Man, Sorry I been so busy too, Chemo getting PICC removed getting a main line in.
I been back and forth, I am going to make some time to stop in to see you hope this is ok.


@MAXHeadRoom I asked some other to help us get you into the forum