4th Failure and losing hope

I’m back again. This time I am on my fourth grow and I am very tempted to toss this one out too. I am new to growing and failing epically in spite of following all of the rules to the letter. That’s what is so puzzling about this journey. You can do everything perfect and still fail. How is that possible? I have no answer for you.

I picked easy strains to grow and started with Autos. I use Coco as my medium because it makes the most sense and is easiest to maintain. I have zero issues with germination. Each seed in every grow successfully sprouted. The seedlings look fantastic in all cases. All of them grew normally and had no stretching whatsoever. Perfectly healthy. However, that’s where the story ends in each grow. Of the four grows I started after week 2 they stop growing every single time. They do not die. They appear to be healthy but never create additional nodes. So I have to toss them out and start again.

Almost every video of a Photo or Auto in a Solo Cup shows exponential growth in the first three weeks. I have yet to see anything remotely close to this phenomenon. I am now convinced I am seeing camera tricks on the time lapse and not real growth. Something is not right. Either My healthy seedlings are not as healthy as they look or I am drastically missing something. I do not believe I am missing anything in the process. I do not over water. I do not use nutrients until the first set of leaves and then very minimal. How and why do I keep failing out with what appears to be a healthy plant 3 weeks old but no longer grows. It has one node and four leaves. How can a plant go three weeks in 75 degrees and 70RH and get that result. It’s not possible and defies the laws of science. In theory you give a plant what it needs and the water is PH’d correctly for intake the plant should experience exponential growth in the first three weeks.

How do I have healthy seedlings, Photo and Auto’s, that stop growing after they reach five inches and still look healthy? This is the most puzzling mystery I’ve ever experienced in my life. None of this adds up at all. Yes. I am in a controlled environment with everything perfectly tuned. Humidity, air, fans are all perfectly in place and working within the parameters as defined by growers. At this point I’m ready to toss the batch out and sell my gear. Some things are not for everybody. This might not be for me. I may not have the talent. Just because it’s an activity I enjoy doesn’t mean I have the talent to actually grow flower. It’s a skill. I respect that but reading and watching videos clearly is not working for me in spite of my penchent for taking good notes. This is mind bending. I do not understand what is going on with my grows at all. Again, perfectly healthy seedlings that arbitrarily stop growing once they hit four leaves. The most bizarre experience I’ve seen in my entire life. Hoooooowwwww???


I would suspect from reading your description that impatience is the culprit. If you are tossing out a green, living plant because it “stopped growing” then that is the problem.
I have seen this many times here on this forum. What you interpret as stopped is actually just a pause. Many times the plant will seem to “stall” but the truth is under the surface. Remember that there is almost as much growth underground as above. Roots need time to develop too.


Maybe coco isn’t the medium for you fox farms OF is a grow and go soil plant your seedlings a water no need to worry about nutes for 5 weeks


I grow in canna coco from the start i ise jacks 321 with a few additives. When u see the pause like stated above the plant starts off building a small root zone then it tirns to the leaf production to the root zone base then a stall happens agaon the roots stretch more underground to support the structure of the plant. Unless u see the leaves looking funky or wilted it is most likely just building a stronger root zone. I statt from expanding the block of coco with full strength jacks and water full strength thru the grow altering parts of the nute mix as she grows. Coco os alot more forgiving than soil is and a bit easier for a new grower to flush out any issues that can and most likely will arise


Show us some picts of plant,grow space.


What is your watering schedule and what ph. Everything matters.

As far as growth stopped it is as stated above most likely building roots.


I was gonna ask for pics of the area and lights also but didnt wanna be first to do so lol

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I appreciate the feedback HMGRWN. The obvious question is why such a large disparity? The same plant grows ten times faster for everyone else in the same conditions. Something is not right. The results should be identical.

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Look into the “kind soil” method, cloth pots and don’t be impatient. I had some bergman’s gold autos the were 5.5 months old and didn’t flip took up my entire tent. Came here got advice then I went 12/12 on my lights and I ended up with a half pound of my best grow yet.
3 weeks isn’t that long either and having to much control as a rookie with RH, temp, time ect.
Sometimes it’s best to grab some white widow, a cloth pot and just vent the air continually so it’s comfortable for you to be in and wait.
I seen autos do all kinds of crazy stuff.
I’ve got a GG that’s maybe 1 foot and flowering at 2 week old probs get a gram or two when she done.
Relax and remember it’s called weed because it grows like one.


Plants are like kids by the same parents. One may be tall while the other is short. Can be overweight or underweight, different color hair, and so on. Results are rarely identical.


I water every three days or so. Very little. The root ball is definitely growing. I use Great White as a root stimulant. The room is 75 Degrees and 75RH. 4x4 grow tent with 1200w LED and CO2 grow bag. Light is about four feet away from the seedlings. All are healthy.

4 feet is a long ways. They r gonna stretch super bad unless ot is a powerful light. Idnlower light and try and watch node spacing after 2 or 3 days. Try and keep a 1 to 2 inch gap between nodes of possible nothing more. Heck shoot for the 1 inch mark and buds form together as 1 big cola if done right.

@Aiconic didnt you say you grow in coco ? I may be wrong but doesnt coco get fed everyday and not allowed to dry out ? Treated like hydro with water ph at 5.8 ?

Can someone verify please ?


How much is very little water by 2 weeks you should be watering about half a gallon every 4-5 days ,coco can handle that sort of saturation. And if your leaves are pointing upwards and stems are stretching you re not giving them enough light so close the distance

To my knowledge there is no such thing as a ‘1,200 watt LED’. What brand/model is the light and what is the actual draw from the wall?

Complete waste of time and money.

My high performance LED’s are currently 5" from the plant.

Coco needs to stay damp or it will become hydrophobic: nutes and water will run through without doing any good.

STOP GROWING AUTOS! That’s the simplest fix for your problem.

No nutes until the cotyledons yellow.


Hey @Aiconic , don’t get discouraged! I’m going to second what a few people have said and don’t give up. I’m on my first grow and you should see the nightmares I’ve been through, yet have turned them around a couple times even though I thought I couldn’t.

I’m also going to suggest switching up your grow style as well and recommend Fox Farms. I’m growing in Happy Frog currently.

What size are your pots? What style? Fabric pots are highly recommended!!

Definitely also might be a lighting issue. I ended up returning my KingLED blurple light and got a Spider Farmer sf2000 for my 2x4 tent. You mentioned you’re using a 4x4 so it’s very possible you don’t have enough light and the distance could be an issue. My light is less than 18" from canopy.

You got this. Don’t give up. It’s a labor of love but it’s worth it!



I grew some bag seed and ended up with an auto.

I’m 11 weeks from sprouting a seed.

A couple of things I want to point out.
I stared photo plants at the same time as this auto. The photos are 4x as tall.

My light is a Mars hydro TSW-2000
I’m in a 2x2
Temp ave 80 degrees
RH 54%
I have cool air blown in the tent
Exhaust out

After identifying the plant was an auto I put on a 24hour light schedule.

I also got a luxmeter to identify the appropriate amount of light so I can fine tune the amount of light with the temperature in the tent. I’m running about 65K Lux to the shortest distance and about 45K Lux to the furthest bud away from the light. My light is also about 8” from the closest bud.

Luxmeter link

Dr.Meter 1330B-V Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005A0ETXY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_JIiYRSX3VwYQv


I was going by seeing 1200w. 4 feet for that light i know is gonna be way too high lol. I was guessing blurple.

Yes. I PH to 6. Confirm the PH after adding nutes to 6 as well.

  • The draw from the wall is 250w. Veg/Bloom blah blah.
  • I disagree completely about CO2. No. Not relevant to seedlings. Need to be in Veg or beyond to benefit. I’ve seen the difference in two of my buddies grows first hand. One word. AMAZING! 25% more yield per plant.
  • I always PH to 6 for Coco
  • Lights are at 6 feet