4day old Amnesia Haze and AK-47

I’ve these in peat pods. They’re already about two inches and have figured out lights too far away. What I’d like to find out is should I put in sm pots covering up some of the height, leave them or what? They’re under 400 MH lights and had at 40" but moving down to 20".
As you can tell I’m a newbie & need help

Can’t see the pic, but I’m figuring that they are tall and leaning. I’ve had this issue and I just use a piece of wire to basically give the new stalk support and stake it up until I get a decent root growth going and then transplant. Usually transplant at 7-14 days old. Hope this helps!

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Yeah my girls are about two inches tall. Worried about excessive height. Thanks!

@Akshooter did they show? Pics?

Yes. Does your 400w have a dimmable ballast? You should still be ok at full power at a height of twenty inches. They look healthy and green as far as I can see. Looks like a good start! If they start to lean, just stake them up just enough to give some support. After a couple days get some indirect breeze going just enough to make the plants barely move. The stalks will strengthen you pretty quickly.

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No won’t dim. Thanks for all your info. You know after this grow I’ll be needing advice for trainwreck. Keep me posted. You’ve got some pretty girls & looks like a lot for three plants.
Thanks again @Akshooter

Anything I can do to help!

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Forever grateful

I thought you were gonna do a grow journal? @Laurap

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I’ve tagged you this am. Today’s dark for me. My girls are way tall and afraid they’re gonna look like Charlie Browns Xmas tree. Hubby’s saying if I can’t do better than that pull them and get rid of everything. You can’t walk until you crawl and maybe I’m crawling but it’s a start.
So any encouragement is welcome

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@Laurap sounds like your lights are too far

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Lowered yesterday half amount space. Thanks for input

I fixed your image for ya…hope you don’t mind.

Now that we can see them Matt your right on again my friend…they need to be transplanted asap and bury them 1/4 inch from the top. Get some potting soil with the least nutrients s posable.


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I can cover excess height to qtr ibch

@Laurap tell hubby that everything is gonna be fine. Stretch happens to lots of people. When you transplant just bury them deep and that makes them even stronger!


Thanks as always

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Hi courisity how your girls are doing?