49 day old auto flower not flowering yet

First time grow, girl scout cookies extreme auto flower,. I’m using a 4×4 vivosun tent 2 1000 vivosun lights led , 3gal fabric pots , using advance nutrients, growing in coco choir an perlite , I been watching these girls regularly, an , only thing I can think is temperature got colder because of an artic blast , but it was at 66 degrees this morning inside the tent , day temps usually runs around 74+78 degrees , watering ,liter an half , every other day , using advance sensi grow A+B , cal mag , bud candy ,big bud , 4inch ventilator an everything was perfect til now , I have drooping plants, on thing I do know I done wrong up to this point was let the plants set in the run off , an it always evaporated in few hours say 5 hrs , I’m worried an wondering what is happening an what to do to fix this problem , thank you for your time an help , keep growing strong, ilgm is the best , I absolutely appreciate everything they offer to first time and experienced growers all over the world , again please any help an advice is greatly appreciated as I’m awaiting nervously,here’s my girls pictures at the end of week 6 thanks for looking

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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel Growmie. Growing in coco should be fed daily or every other day as as long as the coco stays damp. I read the statement of them recently sitting in run off and that could be the issue if there was none prior. Are you keeping up with input PH/PPMS as well as the run off for these 2? I would also check the ratio of NPK in the base nutrients you’re using before adding all the extras. Most reputable nutrient lines have enough NPK for veg/flower and adding extra PK Can cause toxicity locking out micro nutrient uptake. Personally I would reset (flush) but you’ll need a PH and TDS pen and hoping you have these. It’s a crap shoot with mixing nutrients and testing run off without these 2 :love_you_gesture:

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As of now I do have the pH pen but it’s out of calibration, I’m trying to get that fixed immediately, the sensi grow through advance nutrients is supposed to pH perfect , am I doing anything wrong I am using the recommendation off the bottles at 2ml per liter , an last week before the calibration messed up it was at 6.5 run off ? I truly appreciate you and your help an concern as I am freaking out , I don’t want to lose my plants to something I caused

That 6.5 is high and out of the range for Coco. I keep mine at 5-6-5.8 in veg and 5-7-6.0 in flower. Great thing about coco is it’s a blank pallet and only has what you’re putting in so a reset is easier than soil In my experience. A TDS pen is a critical piece of gear for knowing the nutrient strength you’re putting in and testing this in the run off. Do you have the 7.0/4.0 calibration solution to calibrate your PH pen? As a last resort I would flush the coco with 5.7 PHd water using 3 times the vessel size and follow up with feeding using the base nutrients but that TDS pen is needed or it’s a crap shoot :love_you_gesture:

Don’t feel bad
Both of my autos planted same day
Day 48 for me
Both blue dream autos

One is clearly faster then the other
Been doing 18/6

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I have a new question. I changed the light schedule to 12/12 five nights ago. There is still no sign of it starting to flower. How long does it usually take for them to change ?

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Looking good Growmie!

:point_up_2: looks like pistils to me. It can take anywhere from a week to 2 typically :love_you_gesture: