49 day harvest?

My trics are starting to amber and the buds are super swoll. Can it reallly be ready this fast? GDP started from seed. Day 1 flower was day I flipped lights 12/12


Lots of white whiskers on that bud . IMO its too early but it depends on how much amber you want . Looks great .

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Looks like it still has a while to go based on pistols

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Ilgm shows GDP as 8-11 weeks for harvest. I assume that’s from first signs of flowering, not the 12/12 switch. My current GDP is at 4 weeks from first flower. The buds are impressive, but far from ready. Yours need more time. All the pistols are white. :+1:


Today when lights came on day 50

So if I went day of first flower I would only be at 44 days. That’s crazy fast. Can it really be? I’ve got at least 30-40% Amber and buds are super dense and swoll. How much longer should I wait?

Where’s the amber you’re seeing at? On sugar leaves or the actual bud themselves?

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The more recent pic looks a little closer to harvest, but there are still lots of white pistols. Are you using a loupe, or microscope to examine the trichomes? You can’t really eyeball it.

On a side note. What temp is your tent at? I see no “purple” at all. Same goes for my grow, (so far).

30 days from flower

Where are you seeing the amber? On the leaves? If so, that doesn’t mean it’s ready.

I’m with others, you have a bit to go yet

Just because it has purple in the name doesn’t necessarily mean it will show those colors. Temperature and even your ph can make it turn colors.
@Psblunt can you get a picture of them in narural light or with a flash. It would be easier to see the true color of the pistils.

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I’m using a loop and amber in both sugar leaf and buds

I’m growing in a sealed room and have been running co2 at 85 degrees. Night time 75 degrees pH 6.8.

I have dimmed the lights and now stopped co2 temps day set 75 night 65 watering now with ro ph is not stable but about 5.8