48hr of darkness with different strains in tent?

I have 4 plants total 2 that finish in 8 weeks and two that are late finishers in the 10-11 week range. I want to employ the 48 hr dark period b4 harvest to boost trichomes but would that be counter productive or damaging to the other plants that I plan to turn the light back on back to usual after I harvest at the end of the 48 hr period and keep flowering them for another few weeks before there respective flush splitting and 48hr dark period. Last thing I want s turning my pre 98 bubba into a hermaphrodite

I wouldn’t do that.

Go to hardware depot and hit insulating foam board, its like 8 buck for a 4x8 sheet. Then get that foil duct tape. Make a box big enough for your need. Make that your (dark box).

This will allow your other 2 to continue their flower journey. And if you build it big enough you can throw on a fan and stick some mesh shelves(removable) in there and now you got a cure box as well.


I like that idea not sure if I will be able to implement they are on a trellis at the base and the first plant that will be ready has enchroahed on the sides of both of it’s neighbors it doesn’t have a definite or even border

You may have to skip the 48 hours of darkness for the early finishers.

Any thoughts on this @imSICKkid @Arrow? Would there be a risk of hermi-ing the late finishers out causing other problems by giving them 48 hours of darkness then flipping them back to 12/12

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Most of the reading I have done supports the obvious damage of extra light but the opinion across the board was if u miss a day or two of light just get it back up and running as soon as possible

I would not do that, either build a box as per @Silverback or forego the dark period as per @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie on the early plants. Effing with the lights as described, will cause the plant to herm. As a matter of fact it is a special technique used specifically to do just that, to increase potency. Yes I know, that sounds mad, but plant hormones are also used to do just that…:sunglasses::v:

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@Vosnok, Arrow is a wealth of knowledge (don’t let him try to tell you otherwise) and always helpful. He’s a good member to remember for tagging purposes when you have questions.
Kinda keep him in your quiver… :sunglasses:


You are too kind sir, I’ll try to help if I can…:sunglasses::v:

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Thanks guys I will skip it for the first finisher even though it’s my star pupil but I’m definitely going to try shaft splitting near harvest. @arrow any truth to using cold water to help shock for more trichome and pigment production helping it think it’s getting colder than it is. I do have a pink lemonade from the lemon cheesekake annuki genetic line that can produce pink trichromes if a proper temperature difference

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Trich production is a defense mechanism in the cannabis plant, so which ever way you can irritate the plant, it will produce more trichs. Cold water, UV lights, stem splitting, dark periods etc etc, are all methods used to achieve this. Stem and plant colouration can be achieved by cold periods near the end of growth. This can also be achieved by giving your plant high pH water. Phosphorus deficiency also causes purple stems. If your plant genetics have colourful buds, that’s awesome…you should maybe have a look at my thread…let me know if I can help with anything else…:sunglasses::v:

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same her V. Hit me up with any questions. I’m not as experienced in some areas as a lot of guys on here but I know who some of the experts are and can get you hooked up… happy growing man…

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