48hr of darkness before harvest worth doing?

Wondering if anyone has any opinion on giving a then plant a 48hr period of darkness before harvest?

Is this required, as its going to be in darkness when drying anyway.

I think it makes a difference me and my mom eat a small bud off the plant before and after the darkness ( as a prototype test for the high)and every time the before darkness buds are more bitter meaning the dark period does help clear out some of the bad stuff from your buds leading to a slightly higher quality product imo


Well ive never ate the buds lol or bugs like st jimmy said lol. But i have notice a taste and smell difference on the same strain plants from not doing 24 to 48 hrs and then doing it. Way big differences taste smell and all are different. If u dont flush the plant then i would really suggest the 24 to 48 hrs as most of the nutes and stuff will sink to rootball and exit the plant. Good luck. If u have 2 plants do 1 one way and one the other see which is better for u. Also id suggest hang the whole plant to dry not single branches. Longer dfy time better taste come out of the bud. More conversion time equals better smoke


You probably have to much of a tolerance now , me I’m an ultra light weight and can get buzzed eating raw bud but you’d be surprised at how different each tastes latest g13 haze had a anise like flavor , sometimes its liqouricy or a spicy pepper bite to it heck even some have been slightly sweet


I just cant do edibles. Either it not enough ot too much never a happy medium. If i smoke i know my limits which r pretty high up there. All i do is dab. Once here and there smoke a J but for the most part i hit a dab once or twice and im set for a couple few hours

Thanks mate, regarding the dry do you think 20c & 60% humidity is best for the low slow dry low slow approach?

I try and keep my room i dry in under 50rh and as close to 65 as i can stay

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I’m gonna bookmark this thread. I’ve got one about ready. I’ll post pics of the before and after.

Here’s a pic of the one I’m gonna put into darkness before harvest. This was taken with flash on in a dark room


Do you mind if I post on your thread about the darkness question?

I never do it really. When you are done; turn the lights out. I have to chuckle. If you turn the lights off a couple days early…What is the difference from turning the lights off when you are finsihed?



@GreenSnek Sounds like your a “Cannabis Lecter” :rofl: Pass the Fava Beans and a lil Chianti sffis,sffis .sfisssss.

All good mate, what’s the strain in that pic?

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@Woodrow Love your frosty quaffed buds

What I’m reading is that its the keeping it in the soil in the dark prior to cutting it down and hanging. I guess there could be a chemical process going on? But as I’m not in a rush and no one says it hurts the final product so I kinda feel compelled to do it?

If you have a successful grow; You cannot hurt the product.

Realize whatyou dilemna is; you wan to consider turning the lights off 2 days earl…Early from what? Just turn the lights off when you want to. It is not a matter of 2 days early…It is just cutting off the lights. you can ahrvest whenever you want. I have done experiments where I left the plant in tact for days. In the end; I did nothing special; I just turned the lights off. Peace