48hr darkness before harvest

I am bout a week from harvest and been noticing people talking bout darkness before harvest what does this do and is it really necessary I am not being impatient but wondering what the results would be?


you will most probably get many different answers but just so you know:
i read a lot, i never tried it, i dont believe. Same as with the ice water.

I see many people here write about watering with ice water to boost thc but nobody seems to have problems with plants hermieing in late flower because of the stress this causes.

What I do to improve the THC/Trichomes on my plants is add a UV-B Bulp for the last 3 weeks of flower, always for the last 2-3 hours every day (not whole day)

but even with this… I can not tell if it makes any difference and I dont believe anyone who says it does without having tested it scientifically.

Good Luck


The only thing I’ve found it to do is potentially speed up ripening a little. There are others that swear it does more, but I haven’t experienced that.


I’ve tried a few different methods. 48 hrs of dark, ice water, stem splitting, and just letting them finish naturally. I’ve never done any side by side comparisons but in my experience I haven’t noticed any one of these methods to really make that much difference. However, these techniques are employed so late in flowering that they shouldn’t hurt anything either way as the plant is coming down anyways. I think it all boils down to preference.

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