48 hours of dark for outdoor plants

So I’ve got a couple Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue growing here in Virginia. My Gorilla Glue is ready to be harvested within the next couple of days. It’s about 7 ft tall and my Bruce are pushing close to 8. I’ve normally done all my grows indoors with a tent and have always gone by the 48 Hours of darkness before I cut them. Everyone swears that it boosts the smell the resin the THC Etc. What am I supposed to do about my outdoor plants? I don’t have anything remotely big enough to put around them and they’re not really anywhere close to electricity where I can run an extension cord and try to make a large tent with a fan and a dehumidifier. Anyone from Virginia knows how humid it gets here and the temperatures are still in the high 80s low 90s. Should this really be a concern about the 48 Hours of darkness? And if anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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Id just cut them right at dawn , if you try to cover them chances are it’ll trap moisture causing rot and the difference is to negligible to risk it. Looks like you still have about 4-8 weeks to go if those pics are recent , good luck and happy growing


Think about how long it takes for triches to grow and ripen. 48hrs isn’t going to do anything.

The only argument for 48hrs of darkness is the nutrients draining out of the plant and to the root zone. Then cut it and the smoke should be smoother.

I, personally, haven’t notice a single difference between cutting at lights on, lights off, 48 hour dark period, 72 hour dark period.


I cut whatever time of day or night is easier for me at the time. Never noticed any difference either way.


Exactly what I do :point_up: cut whenever it works best for me,

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I still have several weeks on the bruce banner but the gorilla glue is about 30 percent amber trics right now. I agree with the moisture being trapped in there along with turning it into an oven. Just didn’t know if someone out there had an ancient Chinese secret or if it really matters. I heard that it has lots to do with the chlorophyll when you do the 48 hours.

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I see a lot of white pistils on your plant…looks too early to chop…just my opinion…and depending what end product your goibg for.

I thinks if you let them go.longer they will chunky up.

Good luck with your harvest gromie

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I stopped giving the gorilla glue nutes a few weeks ago. Its about 30 percent amber as of yesterday. Thanks for the reply! She will be getting the chop soon

Those are the bruce banner. They still have a while to go. The gorilla glue is the issue and she had amber trichs already. About 30 percent

Centeal Va grower here. My Gold Leaf Photo is starting week 3 of flowering. Hoping to harvest by the middle of October. Are you growing autoflowers?

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Nope. Straight Photo. Never tried autos but i am curious about them.

They’re great indoor plants since you can push 20 hours of light letting you get 3-4 grows in a year but they do less good outside