48 Hour Darkness

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Just wondering Do you think 48 hours in darkness at Harvest b4 you chop will increase Trichomes?

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I ran a test a few months back. Here are the pics before and after 60 hrs of darkness. Not much difference


Picture looks like it did lose some chlorophyll.

Hi @Lucky01 welcome to the neighborhood :grin: I found this :point_down: where they did an actual study on the dark thing. Guess it made a difference on a couple plants I think it’s just another of those wishful thinking things where you want it to work so you see something that’s not there :face_with_monocle:

:point_down:Copy paste from my notes :point_down:

Cultivating Cannabis", published in 2010 and written by C.K. Watson, you will find this statement on page 238 :

"There’s a rumor going around that when you put your plants in darkness for 36 to 48 hours before the harvest, this will result in a higher concentration of trichomes. The myth is further enhanced by growers saying it has worked for them. This has been tried on 30 different strains, with the result that only 4 out of 30 strains showed a marked higher concentration of trichomes, while the other 26 strains began to hermaphrodite and the buds looked malformed

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Thank you sooo much guys :pray:t4::pray:t4:… so much mixed reviews on this topic. I have a video i wanna share. Let me know what yall think:

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He’s slowly cutting up a plant so this video actually proves my theory I’ve been playing with that if you strip a plant it tricks it into thinking it is being attacked by something which triggers a defense response from the plant that is making more trichomes. I don’t think it’s the dark causing the change, just my opinion

I came up with this theory reading about insect frass and how (can’t remember the name of the chemical) the bugs give off this chemical and it tricks the plant into thinking it’s under attack causing the defense response. My thought was if the bugs chemical makes the plants react then what would an attack trigger :thinking:

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I want to try my theory out on clones so i can be a better idea on exact twins and not just same family trees but I don’t do cloning

Myself personally i always drill a hole in the trunk JUST b4 i enter the plant into the 48hour darkness. And Then after 2 days i chop in the evening :-))

Hey my bro. Thank u for sharing :facepunch:t4:… I definitely think the darkness after swollen up your bud, and trickz look more mature… what did you think bro?

Honestly looking at the trichomes under a scope i didn’t see a dramatic difference. Bud may have gotten a bit denser, but it was super thick when it went in. Weird thing with this plant was after curing for 2 and a half weeks the smell was grape like and the buzz was mediocre. Now, 3 months later, it has a strong lemon smell and the buzz is alot more potent. Its good to hit at night when you want to veg into a movie.

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