48 Hour Dark Time - Suggestions?

My first plant is ready for harvest, and its dark cycle began this morning at 7. Its sitting in a dark room now with 7 other plants that are well into flowering, but many weeks away from harvest. I’m looking for suggestions on how to put the Emperor into dark time. Do I isolate her, put her in a vented box, put a garbage bag, perforated over her? Read in one of the forum comments that someone suggested putting the whole Flowering Room into darkness for 48 hrs, but I’m not sure that would be good for the other 7 plants currently in flowering? I do not have grow tents, I have grow rooms, but now I’m thinking a small grow tent would have been a good choice for a situation like this.

No, do not put your other seven plants into darkness, they can hermie on you. If you really want to put this one plant into dark, then take it out of the tent, or maybe put a brown bag over her.


Thanks. I found a space in a spare room, setup some ventilation and a oil filled space heater to regulate heat, and a small dehumidifier. Should get through this ok. Smell may be an issue but I closed off the cold air return in that room so the smell should stay within. Thanks for the paper bag idea, makes more sense then plastic. I also checked out Home Depot online, they have Wardrobe boxes, think I’ll pick one up for situations like this with just or two plants. Cheers


FYI: the reason we want to finish the plants is to allow nutrient transport into the roots which is what happens during a normal “night”. If you follow a flush and used good quality ingredients it’s not necessary to do 48 hours of darkness. It’s more important to cut down the plant before it’s exposed to the light which starts nutrient transport again. If it causes you to upset your life style or cause undue expense I would not bother with extended darkness.


Thanks, I’ll give it some thought, maybe forego the 48 hrs of darkness. I did a flush two weeks ago, no nutrients for 3 weeks now, leaves have been yellow for a while, so the plant must be extracting what it needs from within. Also flushed again last week, chewed the leaf stem, no bitterness, a bit watery, so I think the nutrients are gone.


There is nothing even to think about, it is definitely impossible to place the other 7 plants in total darkness as much as 48 hours! In the end, you just make them worse because of one plant! Are you ready to sacrifice them for the sake of one plant? - I think no. Try to solve your problem in other ways.

I think yes, the nutrients out of the plant.

Zakar chill out… total darkness for 48 hrs for non harvest ready plants was misinformation I’d read and it has been dispelled. The plan was to move the single harvest ready plant to the spare room, and leave the other 7 where they are in flowering… I decided not to bother with that on good advice from others to prevent hermaphrodites and really why bother for the sake of one plant. peace out

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Then there is a completely different question. Rather then there are no questions, transfer. Can you take a photo of your plants? And show this culprit, for the sake of which you did not kill the rest of your 7 plants. :joy::joy::joy:

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Not a pro here… just sharing my experience with my current grow. Had a pair of Gold Leafs (ILGM) part of a 6 plant, 3 strain grow and I read up on the darkness period and other techniques. I ended up drilling my stalk a week after a major flush cleaned all but 200ppms of nutes (started at 1000 +/- ppms avg per plant) in both then did a water molases and terpine only at 1/4 nutes (teaspoon ea. per gal.) every other watering the last week. I carefully pulled them out of my tent and the scrog netting with help from the wifey at the end of a normal 12 hr light cycle and I dumped about 2" of ice on the top of the soil and put them in a extra bathroom I have in the house with no windows and a small 6" fan to move air around but not on 'em. After the 48hrs the both plants that looked pretty pretty good as far as leaves are concerned before turning off the lights had yellowing leaves all over, the hairs turned darker and the trichs went from 25% amber to about 50-50. This happened with both plants.
Here are pics taken before and right after 48hrs had passed. She and her sister got cut down, a wet trim of half the yield and hung the other half was not fine trimmed and all took a nice H2O2 bath before the wet trim were hanged and the others were put in a hanging drying net.

My 2 Blackberry Kush went into the same process last night with the ice and start of 48 hrs darkness. I drilled them last Saturday. I’ll post my results here again?

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