48 hour dark time before harvest

Hi everyone I’ve been reading about 48 hrs dark time before harvest so what’s everybody opinion on it pros/cons is it worth giving it ago and what’s the benefits of it if it is

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It’s not going to hurt trying. Just like stem splitting, I’ve never noticed a difference.


That’s very true m8 I’ve done the stem splitting before didn’t notice much at all because it was already frosted up to the max anyway.But I’ll give the dark thing a crack when it’s time cheers for the replie

I can’t see a benefit either. I will put in darkness at the beginning of flower for a full 36 then start the 12/12 they seem to like that transition. Again, I don’t see the benefit or how it will make a huge difference in just 48 hrs, just my opinion but hey, I’ve been wrong before. If you try it let us know if you see any difference.

Ive always done the darkness so not sure of effect. However when growers harvest only the top & let the lower part go longer there is no period of darkness. I think everyones divided on this like stem splitting. Havent done it yet but goimg to try with my amnesia haze this time. Figure soncr ive grown already i will be able to telll if theres a difference or not.

I personally do both I split my stems and give 48hr dark before harvesting but i do also harvest with out do either occasionally mostly autos that i grow mixed in with my photos
They will get hung and dryed in flower room i do section a corner off but not in complete darkness just out of direct light
And everything comes out fine
Its a personal choice and doesn’t hurt to do
And if you can gain even 2-3% better product its free why not do it is my thoughts


Yeah true that 2%or 3% stronger product is better then 0% buy not trying at all fair comment


That’s why I do it. Minimal effort, no worry about killing the plants, possible improvement. Why not.

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I heard a theory that every day of flowering tops gain 0,5% THC more but also because of direct sun\light they lose 0,25% of it so every day u gain only 0,25% THC more. So before harvest 48 hours cicle have sens cause u should gain whole 1% of THC. It was presented like that but the numbers are of course made up.

Ok… you must understand the reasoning behind this… when lights are on , your plant brings nutrients up to the leaves for building blocks… when plants are in the dark , all of the nutrients are in the roots and not in the plant… similar to a flush…
I leave my plants in the dark for 3 days and chop in the dark and hang in the dark for 2 to 6 weeks depending on humidity and temp conditions… after that I bring them into the light for the final trimming and then back into the dark they go in jars for curing and they stay in the dark for ever , until I’m medicating… hope that makes sense… :wink:



Is that six weeks to cure… Why so long

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You have to put @ in front of a name or they won’t see your reply @irma1010. The longer it cures the better it gets for really good medical cannabis


for your time

I like a long slow dry , with an even longer cure…
Makes for super potaint medicine…

It made my buds stickier and dancer looking after shortening days to 10 hours and 36 dark no more light!

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