45 hours of LIGHT 2 days before chop

I couldn’t help but add some drama with 2-3 days left. I accidentally turned the light switch ‘on’ instead of auto in a 12/12 cycle so lights were on from Tuesday at 7am until 4am this am, which is 45 hours. Basically missed almost two off cycles. I feed etc every am but close the tent up and sometimes don’t check again til next am. Of course, done that way the light is on fine in the am…. %#$@&

I turned them off at 4am but then they came back on normally at 7 today. I’m going to chop Sat or Sun, should I just shut lights off until then?? I’ve read the thoughts on that generally, what do you all think? I was going to give one more water only tomorrow.

On the bright side (no pun intended), I cut this test yesterday from the Blue Dream :partying_face:


I would think even if they got hermied, in the 2 days of lights, they dont have long enough left to grow the seeds.

How long do they say it takes for the seeds to grow? I have 2 gorilla glue strains and i’ve been warned about.They tend to herm if stressed, I’m told.

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I think it isnt just a single stress that does it, a mishap here, a high ph there, no big deal. Continued, prolonged, and multiple stresses for sure. 48 hrs just isnt a long time. I think it would need a lil longer. Even to get them to flip when going 12/12 takes a few days to a week to kick off the process.


@SandyC I’m in agreement with @Docnraq that any stress that was induced won’t have enough time before this wknd’s harvest to materialize. Enjoy your chop!!! The future is BRIGHT!! :sunglasses:


So psyched the way the harvest turned out, thank you!