44 days into grow progress

So I’m 44 days into the grow and wondering any tips on if there is something I can do better. I have a plant that’s really skinny could that be genetics or something I’m doing wrong ? But other than that how do ya think for the 2 Nd grow


Looks ok to me. Keep’em green!


There looking good and healthy.


Plants look good. Just curious, do you have another area you’ll be utilizing? I only ask because I did 4 in a 2x4 and I took over a room because they got to be about 3x3 canopies.

Do you have a fan on them? Keeping a light breeze running through the canopy will recirculate CO₂, even out the heat from the lights, and strengthen the stems and branches greatly. If your feed water is low in calcium, that could cause smaller, weaker stems also. Do you use Cal-Mag? Also… try supercropping, especially Kushman Chiropractic. Look it up if you don’t know about it; it’s turned some of my branches and the stem into monsters. Basically, you’re breaking down the outer walls of the stems so that they will rebuild and heal up stronger than before. Also… check with some more knowledgeable people here and see if your lights are close and strong enough. Maybe some stretching going on now or in the early stages that never got caught up. Good luck brother! CHEERS :beers:

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Yikes … sadly I don’t this is all I got I bit more than I can chew lol @jc1979

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@Jaystr0 I indeed do have 2 fans running inside there and I just ordered a co2 bag you think that will do good inside? I also use cal mag to yes. I will look into that super-cropping your talking about thank you man !

Appearing healthy, hearty, and consequently happy. I’ m sharing that I continue to Develop a rythym and practice consistency in nurturing , climate control, And monitoring minute changes. Please address any minute changes with the community. I have had great advisement from the “ experts” on these ILGM posts. Thanks to all. I am observing noted success the day after I speak to them by meditation and vocally as you attend to their needs as well. They are, no matter the methodology of cultivation, depending on YOU. Journey well. I also communicate with our dogs. Our Parrots. Our Vehicles…My Wife. JS

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Well if you have the extra funds you could order some mylar in rolls and, with cardboard, make walls. Obviously you’d be needing somewhere with enough room that you could do that. Are you growing autos or photos?


Growing photos @jc1979 and I would I just have no room this is the best I got for now :confused:

No problem haha thank you so much for your feed back! @Bobby20

Jesus, those are some fat-fingered leaves! Looks like you have a poinsettia plant growing under the plant on the right! Massive solar panels they are indeed! Quite nice :+1:t3:

@Growstarter98 absolutely man. I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable as many of the people on this forum, but the little bit I HAVE learned and retained, I’m more than happy to share, because I wouldn’t even have any knowledge to share if someone (MANY someones, actually) hadn’t had the kindness to show me some things that they knew. It’s all a big circle that keeps coming back around and ensures that our collective cannabis cultivating knowledge won’t be lost to the future, as were many of the old ways of our forefathers and the people they learned from, like Native Americans. I know we think we have figured it out better (science, ya know), but our ancestors and the people that lived alongside them were able to responsibly manage the land and understood principles of crop symbiosis and co-planting principles which now belong almost exclusively to the academic and commercial farming world. It’s our task to ensure that we don’t let our collective knowledge of this amazing medicinal plant fall to the same fate. I mean… just look how far we’ve taken things in less than 40-50 years: feminized seeds, hybrids grown for selective characteristics, autoflowering plants, new techniques to increase productivity and potency such as supercropping, monster cropping, HST, LST, and the like (I know I overlapped a little there). Point is… the relationship between cannabis and us is mutually beneficial. The plant gives us a bounty that is only beginning to be more fully understood, and we ensure that it will continue to thrive by creating new strains that may turn out to have favorable survival genetics and innate resistance to pests, disease, and climate issues. Let’s walk into the future with this lovely plant… hand in leaf. :pray:t3::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: