43 days since flip what's going on

I’ve got two plants one is shorter has beautiful stacking going on and has stopped stretching, however my other plant is so tall I cannot move my light up any further and she is still stretching and has very unremarkable stacking. What is going on with her? Is it normal to still be stretching this far in? How long would you estimate is left on these ladies? When should I stop pushing nutes?

From the looks of it I would guess it’s closer to 21 days in flower.
A plant that is not mature wont start to flower just because it is on a 12/12 schedule.
I’m guessing it still had some time to mature before it started to flower.

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My thought exactly.

Could be sativa genetics which has longer node spacing and longer flowering times.

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They were both showing sex when we flipped them. I agree that it does look as if they are younger than other plants I’ve seen at this stage

I’d guess you have 6 weeks to go.

I think showing sex and being mature enough to flower may be 2 different things. I usually count start of flower when they have button size pistles if that makes sense.
My current grow took 2 weeks from first signs of pistles to start to flower.


I see some plant bending in your future
I had to super crop a plant during flower/stretch. Worked out great but scared the crap out of me when I did it.

Subtract 2 weeks @Justdc0930 and that is your initial flowering time :timer_clock:. Your actual flower days is 29 days cause the first 14 days is transitional time :timer_clock:. Many count those days from the actual light flip will miss they harvest time by at least 3 - 4 weeks if you make this mistake . If you subtract those 14 and go of that you will have a better premium product of smoke and much bigger harvest in bud weight.


^^^^ this ^^^^ it’s not flowering til you see flowers. :+1::+1:

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@Deez ok you right I’m wrong , I’m still learning !

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I think this is going to stack up nicely. I had one start out like this and stacked up into baseball bats.


well, dang, i dont actually account for those 2 weeks in my journal either. lol, i thought mine always took longer just cause i don’t know what i am doing. (turns out i was right for once :wink: )
i will add a formal “transition stage” in my log. this should tie in nicely with my new nute program. i am using Jack’s during veg, but then will be feeding 2g part a, 2g part b, 2g epsom salt and 1.2g of MKP (following @Hellraiser per his Jack vs AN thread). soooooooo, this falls in nicely to that.

little bit at a time you folks are teaching me stuff no matter how dense i am :wink:


No dude I’m agreeing with you 100%