420 ;;what strain

Was wondering what strain you are going to use today. For me, today is a Purple Haze day. happy growing and toking :rofl: :bat: :crazy_face:

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Blueberry 'cause it’s all I have left. lol.


So far I’ve smoked
Larry og
Space monkey
Gorilla cakes
Platinum cookies
Purple trainwreck
I say so far because it’s only 3pm and I’ll probably run into 10other like minded ppl smoking what they are smoking and if there like me they might have 2 to 4 diff kinds as well


Blackberry Kush and Gorilla Glue…

Its what I have from the last grow, liked it so much, am growing the same 2 again this grow…

Happy 420 to everyone at ILGM…


Whoa Si Whoa
Jungle Driver
White Widow (my first grow)

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Happy 4/20!!
Beijos,kisses,hugs,high 5’s, fist bumps to all!!

Double Dream in the zig zag.

SL out.

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Gorilla glue because it the only one I have

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Enjoying my WW I just cured and some northern lights (despencery sourced)

Critical Mass, Lemon Sour Diesel, Mimosa Evo,GSC Extreme and some keif for desert.

Same here

LSD25 for me


Looking frosty

Mimosa Strain. The only strain left. But I like it.