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I’ve really enjoyed the advice given by 420scene on YT. Today, a new vid popped up concerning bad genitics from ILGM beans… More specifically; Bruce Banner.
The guy really has given tons of props to ILGM over the years. So this one threw me for a loop for a second, Or two. Then i realized he kept mentioning another seed bank company… A few times at that.
It did make me wonder if he gets freebies from vendors in order to promote Their products.

Anyone have lackluster turnouts with bruce banner, or GSC?


Let’s see if dude spits the truth. I’m about to pop a Bruce Banner.…… seems a little suspect that he keeps mentioning the other company little suspect… but who am I……:nerd_face: lets see… peace and love and keep growing……


Some of his advice is alright, some of it is bs, he’s an interesting dude off camera. Very defensive, sensitive and “rude” to people in his discord. But he’s mainly focusing on his music shout outs in almost every video now. Peace to him though


The 1 ILGM- Bruce Banner I grew out was awesome. So have been my GSCE’s.


@Hellraiser had 4 out 5 Runtz seeds hermie from ILGM while doing his journal. He said others had also, and he couldnt believe ilgm would continue to sell any of those seeds knowing that others have had those issues. He said he contacted them, they would make it right. And poof, in the middle of the grow, and journal, he was gone, idle, so who knows what happened.


My bruce banner grow was fantastic. Literally best grow yet. Also fell in love with my GCSE from ILGM for the minty chocolate aftertaste. That was over a year ago tho. I have heard some poeple have issues with Zkittlez and runtz tho


I would love to hear that is an auto.
I would love to have my sweetie bring me a bouquet
of flowers like that.
Love to hear your story. Very nice. Very very nice


I’m growing two of these right now :smirk_cat:


Insane density! I love the stabbed stalk and zip tie!! True love right there


I have two GSCE (outdoors photos) from ilgm near the finish line .absolutely no issues.


Nope. She was a photo period

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I’ve had a real mixed bag from my Zkittlez. I’ve personally grown 2 phenos, was gifted 2 more phenos. Of them all, I got meaningful, smokeable bud out of one. The rest was so weird in bud structure, it was unusable. I decarbed it and turned it into concentrate. No hermaphroditism, but not genetics I’d like to grow again.

Have 4 Runtz phenos now, we’ll see what they do. I trust if Hellraiser said there’s an issue, there’s an issue.

There was a mix up a while back where Bruce Banner seeds actually ended up being Purple Hulk. But that’s the extent of the “bad” I’ve heard from that strain from ILGM.


Thus far, loved peeps response to our first selection, banana kush, havent heard any bad reviews, that was the reason i selected @Hellraiser journal, he was doing runtz and BK. Read all that journal waiting to get to the kush and didnt realize he bolted mid grow.

Newt mentioned a test done on bk grown by forum member, am eagerly waiting that report.


Well, in the grow secton, a post mentioned banana kush from ilgm advertised at 27%, and ilgm now shows thc content at only 21 %. We bought banana kush for its high thc content, 27% late july which advertised 27%

Is it possible to have different lots change the thc content that drastically.


It’s entirely possible that the first round of samples were grown in optimal conditions, and they received real-world feedback after releasing the strain. If most “normal” growers achieve closer to the 21%, they may have updated it to be more truthful in their advertising. It seems like an unlikely stretch since the general mantra of seed sellers is THC % listed as the highest possible outcome - but I think @Newt or @pr just tested some Banana Kush with a tCheck 2 and got closer to that 27% reading. :man_shrugging:


Indeed. @pr grew it, and I tested it at 30.2%


We wouldnt have bought them at 21%. Same excuses would apply to achieve 21%. Will contact customer support for a valid answer.

Common sense applied, we knew " under optimal conditions" to achieve 27%.

That was me. The bud i gave @Newt , was cut from the top of a main cola, so id say as you got lower down on the plant, the thc would lessen. Made a point to get something off the top, in hopes of impressing one of the growers i respect and confide in the most. That particular plant, continued maturing 2 wks longer than its sister, but germinated at same time. Factor maybe,but i have no way of knowing. Just happy it made a good impression!! Morale booster for sure. Ive said over and over, i dont worry at all with quantity, but shoot for best quality with what knowledge i have, which is still somewhat limited. Those 2 banana kush, DID give me my highest yield since i started growing 18 mos ago, at 18.62 ozs. Happy growing to you, fellow ilgm member!! :wink:


What does a little red triangle mean located by the trash can at times? There then its gone.
Anyway, is there a thread on your approach. Always taking notes from those who are or have grown ilgm banana kush. You come highly, no pun on words, recommended. Please and thank you.

Bruce Banner, Runtz, now the thc content on Banana Kush was falsely advertised. We got a response, they adjusted it to 21%, 27% was a little to high as per Claire. She did say under optimal conditions 25% could be achieved.

Didnt see that 25% advertised either as of now.

So 21% under good, optimal conditions could be reached seems resonable. 15.00 beans.

We would of selected another bean.

Customer service offered nothing on replacement for falsely advertising of their product.