420 sale is out


Saw this today! Who is getting some? Ordering blue dream and diesel I think. 420 Sale


Enjoy the sale @Unkindtay
They have some good deals
My last order only took a week

Here’s my nyc d

Had to share it with a fellow NY


does anyone know how long this sale lasts? i can’t get seeds until 5/8.


Ordered the blueberry auto. First time ordering from ILGM. Anyone know how long it takes to get the “please confirm your order” email?

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@Monkman it’s prob only a week or two but check with the seed bank site they will tell you

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I’m in NY @Bobbydigital last two orders only took a week they should come fast depend on where you are and I’ve heard from
Many members who have had similar delivery times

They set up a distribution center up on west coast for faster deliveries in the States :+1:

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I’m waiting on the “please confirm your order” email. Not sure if that’s something that gets sent during their business hours.


Just received it. The answer to my question is 1 hour

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Sorry I miss read your original post @Bobbydigital

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darn that means i’ll miss the 10/10 on the girl scout cookies extreme also. missed the northern lights special for same last time by two weeks lol can’t wait until i get the rest of my grow components paid off so i can take advantage of these great specials!

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That stinks @monkman but they do run different specials all the time hopefully you get what you want when your ready
Check in with them regularly or sign up and they will email you when new sales are running
Becoming a vip is free and may have some benefits to you as well go over and check into that

They don’t tell me what type of sale is coming up I check just like you guys lol


i thought i was a VIP but i will check again. i get emails from them. and thanks, i am mostly going to be buying mixpacks, but there are a couple of varieties that i would like to have 20 seeds of.

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Yee haw… I got in on this one and the one day sale they had a couple weeks ago! I think I’m stocked up for awhile…


Looks like the sale price on the Black Widow 10+10 is wrong. Shows 179.00

@ILGM.Support.Stacy is this correct
Thanks in advance @Countryboyjvd1971


Awesome! Impressive! My next room hope to get some larger plants.

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Yea mine took 4 days once it was confirmed shipped. Worth any wait tbh, discreet is the number one priority. I’d wait a month for safety and genetics.

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Woohoo yeah you’ll get there bro
I started growing indoors in a homemade box that I originally built as a drying box for my outdoor grows but after a few bad runs outdoors with mold bud rot and the critters who like plants in the veg stage I eventually moved indoors and increased my space slowly
I had three tents going at one point but now I have two rooms one for veg and one for flower :wink:

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That’s one for sales support @Spiney_norman
But it does appear to be incorrect ?


Whoops, Black Widow pricing has been corrected!


Look’n awesome John, Say with all the time you spend on the train you have a grow tent there to ? lmao


Hahahah that’s funny @garrigan65
wouldn’t that be cool tho a private car with grow rooms set up the whistle would make a woohoo sound lol

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