40W White LED for germination?

I’m a new grower and was wondering if after I soak the seeds for 24 hours and then plant them in soil if I should use a 40W White LED light for germination. I thought then after the seedlings were 4 -5 inches I would put them under my 220W LED grow light? I’m growing 2 plants. Thanks

Also if the seeds don’t pop out small roots after 24 hour soak if I should plant them anyway.

Should work okay. I use a 35w CFL myself and it works okay. I kept my plants under that light for around two weeks then put them under my big lights.

Thanks for the fast reply. How far away should have the 40 W White LED?

@Hal on the seed soak, if your looking for input, leave them in the water till they get a tail and then plant them about 1/8 inch deep.

To germinate what I do is drop seed into shot glass with water at about 80 degrees. Cover the glass with baggie and then sit the glass in a bowl on top of my cable box. It is generally about 79-80 degrees there. Sometimes, I cover the whole thing with a towel as well if the room temps are lower to help keep everything warm.

On the light… you can put it pretty close. Put your hand close to the top of the plant and if the back of your hand feels hot then move it away till it isn’t. Watch the plants if they start getting tall the light is too far away.