409-500 watt LEDs

A question from a fellow grower:

Mate I have some autoflowering strains and I was wondering if I could use LED lamps to grow with and still get the same yeilds as the other conventional lamps as HID and HPS lamps?

Your advice is appreciated.

I’d be setting up each plant with its own 409-500 watt LED.

A 450w led (meizhi is good for flowering stage) I think It’s a good idea for one big plant or for 2 smaller.

This has never seen any light except led and I have had great luck with them


Your question has been debated by the best hahaha
I use only led as well and love the results but I’m sure those who still use hps and hid would tell you there lights are the best
I use leds to keep heat and electric usage down and that drove my decision

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I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971. I, myself, have grown with both. My final conclusion was to combine the two. Although if forced into a position, I would argue that HID will give you a better, heavier grow. Mostly due to PAR.

My first grows were HID, then the heat and electric bill forced me into LED. I never had heavy yields under LED. Don’t get me wrong - I had good yields, just not as heavy as under my 600w HID. I was running 1000w LED.

So, I combine them now to save on electricity. I use a 250w MH for vegging, then I switch the lamp to the HPS bulb and throw a 300w 9 band LED when in flower. My plants are very happy and I’m very happy with the results. Costs me around $15 a month to run @ 10c per kwh.


@majicmarkers 10 cents a kilowatt wow can i move to where you live,we paying 30cents peak atm :frowning: