400w cob hieght

About week an a half in flower on a wwa. How high should I have my light, space kind of limited. It’s a roleadro 400w cob. Also a roleadro 300w 5w diodes

About 18-24" above plant canopy

Good looking out

Sorry for the delayed reply Ive been watching your thread all morning just super busy and my pleasure my friend

Now, is this from experience or some other source?

Experience every thing I teach is by experience lol never usually from another source


But to start a wwa journal. They’re about 7 weeks old, but I’d like some opinion s on how I’ve done so far

Link me your journal ill pop in as soon as I catch another spare moment @HornHead

Don’t know how

Ok give me the name of the thread lol sorry man I visit a lot of topics a day and my break is about up at work

I’m gonna call it hornheads first wwa grow


Ok tag me to it when started just add the @ symbol in front of my name and ill hover from there on out

Tag me as well I’ll follow along.
To tag someone just put the @ symbol in front of there name
I.E. @HornHead

Will do fellas. It my not be till about 8. 9 o’clock before I can do that though

All well im in no rush lol ill be at work all day