40 days Bruce Banner

First time indoor grow.
40 days into flower BB.
Ready, or not?


Depends on what your looking for.

40 days of flower is about 20 days or more shy of flowering timeline for BB. Not that things can’t happen earlier. Alot of bud swelling happens in the final days so you wanna be sure they are exactly as you want them.

I would like to harvest at the highest THC levels while still obtaining the highest yield.
Here are a couple of pics of plants.
I’m really not in a hurry and would prefer a Sativa effect.
Maybe wait for a bit more amber trichomes?
Thank you for your input!


Looking good I think a week or so more. I was always told if there are bubble at the end of the hairs it’s ready if the hairs are all brown also. Just my 2cents

Harvest after 40% hairs turned amber and trichomes are half and half.

Personally id wait till most of the white hair is red but before amber trichomes. Full cloudy.
Highest high no couch lock.

Just don’t harvest too early. I have read immature trichomes amplify paranoia and anxiety. Dunno if there’s any truth in it. Just read it a few times.

Yeah, those are quite a while from being ready. I’ve been using this plant as an example. This was day 63, and members told me it had around 4 weeks.

I would wait for all trics to be cloudy before chopping for the affects your looking for also pistils color is more of a indicator of when your plant is going to be ready you want almost all pistils to go amber ( i say almost because not every pistil will go amber on every plant you grow) once your pistils have ambered you need to be checking your tricombs every day to every other day and you need to be checking the tricombs on the actual buds and not sugar leafs

Thank you for the reference pic!
That helps a lot.
I will certainly let them go.
I really appreciate the input.

That is exactly what I will do.
I appreciate you taking the time to reply and help me.
Thank you.