4 year old seeds

I bought seeds here in 2016. Years of emails have been sent to me, but I never planted these seeds… out of fear, I suppose… Then I decided to grow, but alas, I lost my seeds. So, I came back to order, then checked to see how many I needed, and found those seeds. So… I have 5 Choco L- F 5, which I assume is Choco, Feminized, Qty 5, and then I have Cal Dr… no idea…

They appear the same as they did when I got them, so hopefully they will be viable.

Question- Growing in a Super Closet. I have 8 places to start plants, then take to veg and flower. Is it ok to mix the 2? Or better to grow 5, clone, create a mother, and go from there?



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Seeds keep better in the cold.
As for plants and “clones”, I like to find a good mother for cloning and send all the bad mothers through the hash-mill!

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Thank you. They have been in the corner of a basement, so the cold dry, seems to fit here.

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I hope they germinate for you.


Only one way to find out … Let us know if they grow :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. Drop those suckers and let us know how they work out!

Worst case scenario, I order more. Strangely enough, I have only grown one crop, and I think I bought the super closet in 2011 or 12. I had a nice crop, flowered, budded, but not quite there yet, when I got word that the girlfriend (deceased OD 2 years ago) was cheating and they were going to rob me. So, in the dead of night, I stole my own plants, placed them at the farm, moved the closets to a vacant apartment. Kids discovered the plants at the farm, downstairs tenant called the law on the closets, detective came and said, they would come back for the closet, so, I stole my own closets and hid them.

Maybe now, 10 years later, I’m not too hot to grow…,…

I’m so glad to be in a legal State or I would not be growing myself.

I quit when a 9 year old girl moved into my house. I eventually married her mom, but I didnt want to go to prison if caught, i wanted to raise Sarah. Now shes college aged, been married for a while, and the grow is permitted.


Me too, hopefully it will be legalized all over the US soon


I’ve heard somewhere about adding Hydrogen Peroxide or GA3 to the water to help germination. Also, rubbing the seeds between sandpaper. Look into it. They should pop somehow. GdLk

Ask your wife for one of her finger nail file boards. They work well to lightly scuff the seed.
YES! The hydrogen peroxide works well. These are my methods of choice.

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