4’X4’X6.5’ lighting help


I know this has been asked on here before but I can’t find it so please forgive this question.
Just real quick… will a 600w mh/hps light be ok for my 4’x4’x6.6’ tent? I have the exhaust fan and all.
Thanks for any help!


Yes, it will create some heat but if you can keep that under control that light will grow some awesome weed.

Also, if it’s dimmable, you might turn it down when the plant is younger and doesn’t need all that light

Probably scrogging the plant will maximize yield unless your doing a sea of green, but I would not grow a 5’ tall plant in your 6’6" tent


SCRoG or SOG, absolutely!!!:smiley:


It will be perfect for that area


Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely take it and use it.


I have the same tent and i run 2 600w mh/hps with no problem
I set my screen at 26 inches high so i have room to adjust the lights up and down i use a lux meter and measure my lights for their height adjustments. At the end my lights are pulled up as far as the ratchet string can go with 58k to 72000 lux on my plants and i use 5 gallon air pots


Very nice looking and healthy!


Going to harvest this week the leaves are nice and yellow and at about 30 or 40% amber trichomes now i need to get new pictures and i spike the stalk on the 8th or 10th everything is extra heavy i got to keep tying them up so they don’t fall over


we should all have those problems. hope it comes in good


Wow that looks li,e a great setup. The one thing I’m wondering tho, you said you have two 600w running.
I have a 600w and a 1000w lights but was worried the 1000w mh/hps would generate too much heat. Should i just run the 600w?


Run the 1000 watt light is it a cool tube if it’s not then you will need a bigger exhaust fan im using a 440cfm 6in fan and if you use Apollo bulbs they seem to run hotter than others i like Argo sun and ushio lights and hortlux if i can get them on sale. After this grow buy another charcoal filter and have it ready when you’re other goes out. I got a deal on Craigslist 3 vivosun 600w aircooled lights filter and fan for 300 dollars only one light was opened. Besides that i measured and marked my poles in my tent so i can have a good footprint and adjust both lights with a 4ft level and a lux meter for my distance I’m getting ready to harvest and I’m going to make a harvest journal on here i will tag you if you want i will be harvesting Friday I’m finally at 30 or 40%amber trichomes yay


I think it is powerful enough for your tent 4x4


@ThcinKC definitely tab me in it plz, and thanks for the info, I appreciate it.


Hey i have a question about your set up. You saidyou are running cool tube lights?


Yes it is called cool hood reflector by by the manufacturer.