4 x4 x 8ft Grow Box - High Quality Lamp


I see your point as to not letting the plants touch the walls. I am fighting that rotating my plants, which are locking like teeth in a gear wheel between the 3 wedding cakes I got in the oven. I definitely don’t like the plants slithering up the walls as it has to mess up the lighting penetration. I need to ditch the angle iron brackets on the wall I use for seedling board

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Happy cannaversary and your ladies look nice

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Here’s my thoughts on your setup.

Since your including s separate A/C unit how about considering a closed air system? With limited space how about adding a CO2 canister/generator to your build and just recirculate air.
Then your light, I’d use the HYPHOTOFLUX HPF4000.
HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Lights 5x5ft with Samsung LM301B & MeanWell Driver,Full Spectrum Growing Light Plants Grow Lamp,Dimmable Daisy Chain Commercial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 2.7μmol/J https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08G85XXKG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_JR489TEZKJKMB9CPFS7J
And 3 meter extension cable to mount Meanwell driver outside of your grow area.
To monitor and control the environmental conditions I’d use a Sentinel EVC-2

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Hi there. I just recently started growing. It’s been almost 2 years now. I started with 1 3x3 tent, then a second 3x3 and I just bought my 3rd tent. A 4x4x7.

I bought an 8in AC infinity fan for it along with their carbon filter. I used code “growcast15” for 15% off

I then reached out to HLG to see if they recommended a light for that size tent. I was told to go with the HLG 600 RSpec. I bought that refurbished and used their veteran discount. It was a steal. $479

All in all my 4x4 set up was under a grand. And I think I’ll be able to pull 2 pounds a harvest from that set up.

And just to brag, I harvested my first pound out of my 3x3, 1.29lbs to be exact. One of my greatest accomplishments in life!

I live in an older city on the great lakes. When I think of “warehouse” I think of an old giant brick building that has been used for just about everything. I’m not sure what is, or was in, that warehouse but I’d strongly consider an air intake filter.



You bring up some great points to consider. I like the way you think. As for me…I have a self imposed 22x22 inches…LOL. Works to keep my aches and pains from screaming too loud.

My Bud in Colorado told me he paid $325 for a OZ of top shelf with discount card…

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Thanks SB,
I was wondering what that cake was for. LOL.

I do have some IGLM Auto-Wedding Cakes in the Oven currently and when I Logged in I thought…Were did that cake come from?

Eventually I will attempt 1 photo, but for my space, autos make sense…and I am burning up these auto $eed$ I purchased.

The slice of cake is for the forum anniversary and a full cake is 4 your birthday… got love this community

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