4 x4 x 8ft Grow Box - High Quality Lamp

Have a buddy that wants to construct a 4x4 box 8 ft tall to grow some killer bud out of…

He plans on using the shiny silver stuff 4x8 sheet at lumber store for walls not a grow tent. A normal door to access the space. Light checks to make the space light tight. Going to grow Photo Periods in this 4x4 box.

Looking for opinion for best lamp for that foot print. He does not want to buy a Veg and flower lamp. Want dual purpose full spectrum lamp. I am thinking a HLG 550 full spectrum? Is there a better lamp for the space. I don’t want him to under buy a lamp and not be happy with it.

This lamp draws 500 watt. What Ckt breaker value does he need for this lamp plus the fans etc, 20 Amp?

I am pretty sure he will need a portable AC maybe 6 or 8000 but to keep space cool when outside temps rise. We can figure that out to force AC air into to box.

I was thinking this footprint 4 each 5 gal bags. Scrogg netting looks like a pain but opinions on this 4x4 size to grow out of hard walled.

Also for scrog netting I was thinking the 2x4 lumber would be something to j hook into.

Would a single 6" Infinity fan be sufficient for 4x4x8?

This box will be in a warehouse venting into the warehouse. Don’t think I will have a problem as the warehouse is big and windows are barred so one could be left open out back.

Any opinions to lamps and this box size.

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Two HLG 260 XL Rspecs will give him some flexibility to move lighting around if needed. Two of them would be great for a 4x4.


I also use 2 HLG 260xl rspec lights in my 4x4. Makes it nice if I only need to lower one panel.


This is what I’d do. That way you can run all four plants under one light turned down until you have to spread out.

I moved to Colorado last year and in our utility/mechanical room in the basement I built a 4 X 8 X 9 grow ‘box’. 2 X 4 construction, 1" styrofoam (metallized) for the interior and double doors. I typically will not do more than 4 plants in that space unless running an ebb and flow tray.

Still waiting to build my 3rd light for the far left bay.


What type of exhausts, dehumidifiers are you running to keep air moving thru the grow area?

Nice set up. Are you going to paint the raw wood to deter mold?

That’s a beautiful set up

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That set up just makes my mouth water. I bet the bud aroma would too!

Tell me more about the ebb and flow? I know I should just search out the term but… wondering as to what it is and why you prefer?

No exposed wood inside the grow space, living at 7,100 feet altitude is dry and the basement stays a constant 65F. I have an AC Infinity 6" with controller for airflow and so far do not need a humidifier or A/C although house is air conditioned.


If I have some genetics I want to run longer than one plant I can take clones and put in the ebb and flow tray. 4" net pots let into a cut down tote, ebb and flow fittings, a rez and timer. Table floods for 30 minutes every 3 hours once plants’ roots develop. Jack’s 3-2-1. Pretty simple, really.


I see. I am just getting into Growing. I was an avid weed smoker in my youth but was out of the game for a few decades.

I have such a small space that I am limiting myself to that not sure I will ever be able to do stuff like that.

My buddy was telling me he bought an Oz at dispensary in Pagosa Springs and he recently paid $325 with his discount card.

Right now these autos I have been growing out are better than most of the black market weed I was buying locally.

I like your style!


Just my 2 cents… give yourself way more room! 6 plants in 1 20 gal tote is a disaster waiting to happen…

Honestly I’m doing 3 plants right now but wish I had only done one. The middle lady dominates everything! Give them space and they will grow big!


Ebb and flow technically is the fastest way to turn around plant material for yield using clones.

Technically I’m a larger plant grower and normally have 3 or 4 plants in the one space. I normally average 3/4 lb of dry flower per. Anyone that knows me understands that I like bigger plants:


Is that in that same space? How big are the bags? Crushing it!

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This was a smaller space I had at the old house. That’s why I only have 3 gucci lights as this was a 4 X 6 space instead of 4 X 8. It also had a low ceiling so normally SCROG everything in that grow space. But I’d pull 36 oz from a 5 month grow.

5 gallon fabric pots, Promix HP, GH Flora line (the full 12 bottles haha) under 3,000 K diy Bridgelux EB strips (LM301 Samsung diodes IIRC) 240 watt max run at peak 210 watts, homemade.

Before I restart the grow in January I intend to go in and run conduit and outlets to feed lights/fans etc and be able to plug and play different timers as needed. Likely Autopots and if tasty genetics turn up I’ll set up an ebb and flow tray in the tent (QB135 B-spec in a 2 X 4) to veg until the big space harvests.

Here’s a hero shot of one grow:

I would feed them on the lawn whenever possible.


Hire a moving company to wheel out those big girls outta the house.


The SCROG is nice as it’s built to pick up by the ends.

I think one of these was a Gold Leaf and another a Sour Diesel: my favorite. I’m currently smoking some that @Not2SureYet gave me before I moved out East and it’s delicious.


Not at all. Just ready to flower way faster than running 1 plant in equal space. Faster turnaround, means it requires less energy to get to harvest and you fit more harvests into a years time. All it requires is for the individual to understand the plant behavior. He could easily run double the amount in same container if he wanted to.


Do you have dimensions for those PVC SCROGs?

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Mine are 22" X 36" and adjustable height. That leaves me a bit of room around the edges for airflow and I prefer to not have plants laying on the walls of the grow space.


Thank you very much. I like that design.